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Hi! I’m Claire, and I am in my fifth and final year of a Bachelor of Engineering/Commerce degree at ANU. The last few years have been a whirlwind experience and I wouldn’t change a thing! I’ve learnt a lot, have made some great friends, and have had some incredible and unexpected experiences.

I’ll be graduating as an engineer soon and I can’t think of a better time to reflect on my journey. Hopefully, I can give you some insights and advice I wish I had five years ago to help you on your own journey at ANU.

Graduation reflection

19 July 2018

When I submitted my final assignment a few weeks ago, it dawned on me that I have spent almost as much time at ANU as I did at high school and college – that's 5.5 years!

After my initial...

Top 10 outdoorsy reasons you'll love Canberra

16 February 2018

So if you weren’t convinced that Canberra is an awesome place to study based on my ...

Top 10 foodie reasons to love Canberra

2 February 2018

Hello, I’m Claire and I’m a fourth year engineering/commerce student studying at ANU. 

I’ve been sharing my experience at ANU via my blog posts and for the next three weeks I’m going to...

Top tips for making it through year 12

6 October 2017

It’s around this time of year that the pressure will be starting to build, I know this first hand. You’ll be preparing for end of year activities and big decisions will need to be made.


What I've learnt about engineering through internships

13 September 2017

At some point during their degree, engineering students take the opportunity to do at least 12 weeks of work experience in an engineering field of their choice. From my own experience, this can be...

See for yourself at ANU this Open Day

15 August 2017

It’s safe to say that uni is an amazing place. I’m sure you’ve already been told about all the great opportunities you’ll find, the lifelong friends you’ll make and all the weird and wacky things...

“Hey Claire, do you know how to fix my car?”

5 June 2017

I’m a fifth year engineering student and I’m asked that question pretty often. Although I study mechanical and materials engineering, I actually have absolutely no idea how to fix a car and...

Engineering myths I'd like to bust

2 June 2017

Surprise is the standard reaction I get when I tell people that I am studying engineering, especially mechanical and materials engineering.

I’m often told that I’m brave for being...

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