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Meet Emily Campbell

I'm Emily, a third year student completing a Bachelor of Engineering/Arts and this is where you can read about my journey. You may find it similar to the one you'll have, or very different. That's the beauty of university, it's something you can make your own!

I'm from Canberra and went to school at Radford College. I had no intention of studying engineering, but today I couldn't image studying anything else.


2 August 2016

The stories of mega-million dollar businesses popping up out of someone’s garage are becoming more and more common. They’re usually run by an unkempt high school or college drop out with too much...

Acronyms and Lists

25 July 2016

By day 3, we’d figured out the secret to being a good presenter at a conference…acronyms! Speakers were throwing them at us from all directions, especially on the final day as our focus turned to...

UN Sustainable Development Goals

12 July 2016

When you get a group of really ambitious people together, it can be the perfect dose of motivation for a young person. On day 2 of the conference we heard from some women and men who had...

Mentor Me

20 June 2016

Most people agree that we need more women to start and stay in STEM fields, especially engineering, computer science and maths. I definitely agree. I think women, men, businesses and the world in...

The Empathetic Engineer

5 April 2016

When I tell people that I study philosophy alongside engineering, I’m usually faced with remarks about what an odd combination it is and then questions as to why I chose to do it. I usually have...

Five things i did in first year

10 February 2016

This is for all of you starting out Engineering and Computing at ANU in 2016.

I wanted to paint a picture of what my first year was like, so that you might be able to better see yours. It’s...

Leaders as Enablers

3 February 2016

Everyone has different theories of leadership, what it means and what a leader should and should not do. I don’t think that any of them are wrong and I don’t think there is any one right answer...

Google, gender diversity in STEM and a look ahead for 2016

21 January 2016

Google is one of those companies everyone dreams about working for. We've all heard the rumours...slippery slides, climbing walls, free meals and, my personal favourite, their 20% projects. From...


7 August 2015

I spend every day with engineering students, so I feel like I have a pretty good handle on what engineers look like (or at least what they will look like when they graduate after 4 or 5 years). In...

Ready, GETSet, GO!

22 May 2015

Last Friday I got to meet 60 girls in yr 11 & 12 thinking about studying engineering. I was on my best Glambassador behaviour as the ANU hosted these girls for the day. (I prefer the term......


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