Septian Razi

Bachelor of Information Technology

Being surrounded by world class academics, many opportunities were open for me that I believe would not be available elsewhere.

For Septian, the outlook has always been international.

“I wanted to attend a world class university that would allow me to expand my experiences and qualify me for many international opportunities.”

Having grown up in Indonesia, completed high school in New Zealand, followed by studies at the University of Indonesia, Septian is no stranger to an internationally-focused lifestyle. It was during his time abroad in high school that his interest in information technology began and quickly became his focus for the future.

He decided to complete his Bachelor of Information Technology (IT) at The Australian National University (ANU) because of the global opportunities awarded to ANU graduates.

“It is one of the best universities in the world – ensuring that my degree is competitive internationally.”

“I receive a top quality education with plentiful facilities to help my academics, and a great teaching staff.”

However, it was not just the academic support that Septian has appreciated during his time at ANU. In his first year, he joined several on-campus student groups including the Computer Science Students Association, the Indonesian Students Association, and the International Students Department.

Not only has getting involved on-campus been great for creating social connections and community, it has also provided Septian with the opportunity to expand his capabilities.  

“From my experience as a committee member I have learned soft skills such as teamwork, leadership, communication, and organizational skills”

Septian recognises that these skills are an invaluable addition to his experience at ANU, ones that will give him an edge when he graduates.

“The stereotype of computer scientists being the loner genius nerd is far from the truth. Coding actually involves a lot of collaboration, and communication is essential for any major project.”

Septian looks forward to completing his IT degree at ANU, before turning his attention overseas.

His goal is to eventually obtain a career with one of the world’s best technology companies or complete a postgraduate degree at world renowned University outside of Australia or Asia. He knows ANU will prepare him to achieve these goals.

 “It’s a world class university providing you the best of all sides of university life.”

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