Daniel Shen

Bachelor of Engineering (R&D) (Honours) '17

Daniel, like many other students in high school, was unsure of what to study at university. Choosing to spend his hard earned ATAR he entered into the elite engineering Research and Development (R&D) program at ANU.

I chose to study at ANU over other universities because it offered a unique engineering degree which stood out over the other more standard degrees offered at other universities. ANU had a generous offer for me with the National University Scholarship and so I decided to try out the R&D program.'

An R&D degree won’t only lend itself to a career in research. R&D is a major factor in the industry and students who have completed this program will have a competitive edge in the workplace.

“R&D can lead to innovation which will help the industry stand out. Having people in the industry with a R&D mindset is important for the industry to be competitive and continue growing.”

“Being in R&D I have had exposure to new technologies in the field of my interest, renewable technologies, such as solar photovoltaics. Also, learning about research has made it much less foreign and approachable while having the excitement of doing things that have not been done before.”

The research ethic and rigour is something that can be applied anywhere. The higher standards required in research teaches good habits when approaching problems and considering solutions because there is no room for unjustified uncertainty. The curiosity from R&D may also lead me to consider problems that are not as apparent and can lead to innovative ideas.”

Over his time at ANU Daniel has completed work experience at a Canberra based office of the international company FEI. “The opportunity was presented to me through an ANU academic and I have learnt a lot about professional working environments and skills.

There are far, far more opportunities in universities which have helped me grow and learn so much more. Although I really enjoy the research opportunities and learning about recent breakthroughs, the things I appreciate most are the extra-curricular opportunities such as societies and volunteer groups that I can be part of to learn valuable skills and meet new people.”

Daniel’s recommendation to students starting at ANU is to get involved in the campus. “Get on plenty of programs and join societies. Being busy will help with learning how to manage your time as well as being more productive. Meet and make plenty of friends, ANU has lots of interstate/international students which makes making friends a bit easier as there are less high school circles to overcome. Set4ANU is a great program for first years so participate in that. Study with good friends who share the same aspirations (or even better, higher aspirations) as university is about learning, not beating each other.” 

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