CECS Remote Teaching and Student Experience Awards

12.45pm Friday 28 Aug 2020

These awards are to appreciate and recognise staff that went above and beyond to make our student's transition to remote learning as smooth as possible in 2020.

Teaching is at the heart of what we do as a University. Congratulations, and thank you all for your innovation, creativity, and contribution to offering transformational education experiences for our engineering and computer science students at ANU. 

Here is a full list of awardees and citations: 


Dean’s Award 

Individual category  

Hieu Nguyen SCNC8021 Science Research Project / ENGN4524/ENGN6524 Photovoltaic Technologies 

Hieu Nguyen received enormous praise from students for his consideration of them during what was a difficult time. He promptly responded to student enquiries, adjusted course delivery to ensure content delivery was engaging and ensured that students always had an opportunity to clarify concerns and ask questions at the end of lectures. Students said of Hieu Nguyen that he was patient, responsive and made considerable effort to help students get the best from their education and research in the face of significant challenge. 


V Vijendran COMP2420/COMP6420 Introduction to Data Management, Analysis and Security

Students commended V Vijendran for his efforts connecting with students while courses transitioned to remote delivery. Students said that Vijendran was a passionate educator, who went above and beyond to support learning by offering extra resources and was generally patient and approachable with students. 


Charles Martin  COMP2300/COMP6300 Computer Organisation and Program Execution

Students noted the effort Charles put into ensuring his educational delivery was engaging despite remote delivery. In particular, students acknowledged how the effort that Charles took to make his lectures live rather than pre-recorded meant that they had an opportunity to ask questions and have discourse, which was important for their learning in this challenging period.  


Xiaolin (Shannon) Wang  ENGN3224/ENGN6224 Fluid Mechanics and Heat Transfer

Shannon Wang was commended by students for her organisation, responsiveness and communication abilities, which ensured students felt supported and had clarity during the disruption caused by COVID-19. Students noted that she was accommodating and fair to all students in managing individual student challenges and ensured that their educational experience was high quality regardless of the disruption. 


Markus Buchhorn  COMP3310 Computer Networks

Markus was commended by students for continuing to be interactive and supportive during the transition to remote learning. Students noted Markus demonstrated passion for his subject and was agile in finding ways to keep students motivated when learning remotely.  


Catherine Galvin  ENGN2218 Electronic Systems and Designs

Catherine’s students commended her innovative approach to creating engaging course content to teach theory. Students praised her funny and helpful short video series, which helped students to feel connected and motivated to learn throughout the COVID-19 response. Catherine quickly accepted feedback and iterated it to suit the students. She also provided exceptional support to struggling students.  


Course category  

ENGN4524/ENGN6524 – Photovoltaics Technology  

Students praised the teaching team of ENGN4524/ENGN6524 for demonstrating commitment as educators and for supporting individual students. Students commended their ‘above and beyond’ efforts in lectures and tutorials, which was instrumental for maintaining engagement and motivation, helping them to extend their knowledge and understanding of the subject. 


ENGN3224 Fluid Mechanics & Heat Transfer  

Students commended the teaching staff of ENGN3224 for their agility in transitioning the course material to online delivery. Students noted the effectiveness of this teaching team’s approach to delivering lab content remotely. Their ability to demonstrate practical things and explain difficult concepts was highly appreciated. Students also appreciated their rapid responsiveness and overall consideration of the students during this challenging time.  


Special commendation 

Engaged Educator 

Johan Michalove CECS8001 New Applied Science: Lab

A student described Johan as the “ideal of an engaged educator”. Johan engaged with and inspired students throughout remote teaching in Semester 1. He demonstrated exceptional support of students, assuaging their doubts and remaining an enthusiastic sounding board for student projects. He went above and beyond to ensure students had the physical equipment they required to undertake their independent projects. 


Amy McLennan CECS6001 Fundamentals of a New Applied Science I

Amy ensured that the learning experience of the 3Ai cohort was uninterrupted and remained rewarding and valuable during the transition to remote teaching. She actively sought feedback on the course changes and made rapid adjustments, while maintaining the breadth of topics covered. Amy also ensured that there was a personal touch, including a series of check-ins, mentorship conversations, and even engineering social experiences for the cohort online so that the educational experience and social, networking, and relationship building were all maintained in spite of hardship experienced by some of the cohort. 


Chamin Hewa Koneputugodage COMP4670/COMP8600 Statistical Machine Learning

Students noted of Chamin that he was always helpful and friendly in tutorials, arriving on-time and prepared. He demonstrated willingness to go above and beyond for his students by staying an extra hour after the end of an tutorial to answer students' questions, coming in to help other tutors when they struggled with students' questions, and buying a tablet out of his own pocket for tutorials. His dedication to his students is inspiring and was definitely one of the reasons why the course was manageable and palatable for students during such an uncertain and challenging time. 


Josh Corner COMP1100/COMP1130 Programming as Problem Solving

Students said of Josh that he was a great support during online tutorials and labs. Josh went out of his way to explain key concepts to students who were struggling during group sessions, on occasion extending the timeslot of the tutorial to assist individual students. He was responsive to student emails and this made a significant impact on students engaged in this course. 


Ranald Clouston COMP1100/COMP1130 Programming as Problem Solving

Students noted Ranald’s enthusiastic and positive presentation style in his online content. Students were impressed by Ranald’s concern for the subject and the student learning experience. Students felt that his help in understanding fundamental programming concepts would help them with having a good start in their future computing careers. Moreover, his communication and responsiveness to students throughout the semester was also remarked upon; for example, offering practical solutions to student projects within minutes.  


Leadership through collegiality for student experience 

COMP2710 Software Security Teaching team

Students commended the engaging content produced in this course as well as the thoughtful elements of community-building that the teaching staff created, including online social events apart from standard lectures. Students were impressed by the care that the teaching staff demonstrated for them. 


3Ai team for the Master of Applied Cybernetics 

Students noted that the 3Ai team went the extra mile to ensure that students had access to the right materials, were supported beyond just their educational experience but also supported to feel part of a community, even in an online environment, which was important particularly to international students in the cohort.   


COMP1100/COMP1130 Program as Problem Solving teaching team  

Students were impressed by the team’s attentiveness to students, staying beyond designated hours to help students with the course material. Both one-on-one and in tutorials, students commended the creative solutions that the staff had to help students solve problems and better understand the course content. 


Notable mentions 

Adrian Lowe, PHYS1013 Physics of Materials, for supporting first year students through a difficult introduction to their university education experience 


Anh Tuan Tran, ENGN6250 Professional Practice 1, for being a responsive and supportive mentor to students 


Ankur Sharma, ENGN4221 Systems Engineering Project, for assisting with industry and student engagement, coordinating projects with external stakeholders in challenging times 


Christopher Bottomley and the COMP2620 Logic teaching team, for effective course delivery and attention to detail that supported student understanding of course content 


COMP2300 Computer Organisation and Program Execution tutors, for being responsive and going the extra mile to ensure a valuable learning experience for students 


David Flores COMP1710 Web Development and Design, for adapting course content to online delivery effectively and supporting students during remote learning 


David Quarel COMP1100/COMP1130 Programming as Problem Solving, for service to student learning and engagement 


Rachel Schroeder COMP1100 Programming as Problem Solving, for service to enhancing course experience 


Igor Vladimirov ENGN3331/ENGN6331 System Dynamics, for service to the school in supporting Semester 1 teaching gaps 


Jeremy Smith ENGN2300 Engineering Design 2: Systems Approaches for Design, for service to student engagement 


Josh Milthorpe COMP6710 Structured Programming, for effective communication and organisation to support remote learning 


Kylie Catchpole and Jenny Simmons ENGN1211 Discovering Engineering, for successful delivery of Discovering Engineering, a core course where the students get to engage with the essential technical and non-technical skills for completing an engineering project for the first time in their degree 


Mike Tebyetekerwa ENGN6524 Photovoltaic Technologies, for engaging effectively with students and going the extra mile to support their learning 


Morteza Hangi ENGN3224/ENGN6224 Fluid Mechanics and Heat Transfer, for effectively demonstrating lab via online course delivery 


Natasha Disha ENGN4221 Systems Engineering Project, for being a thoughtful and proactive tutor 


Nick Barnes and Miaomiao Liu, ENGN4520 Special Topics in Engineering I/ENGN6528 Computer Vision, for collegiality and team teaching 


Nicolo Malagutti, ENGN3213 Digital Systems and Microprocessors, for effective online transition and student support 


Siddharth Iyer ENGN3224/ENGN6224 Fluid Mechanics and Heat Transfer, for exceptional support in teaching and assessment 


Thien Truong ENG4524/ENGN6524 Photovoltaic Technologies, for exception support to the convener and excellent support to students 


Zixian Cai and Dr Ben Titzer COMP3710 Topics in Computer Science, for exceptional adaptation to remote delivery of course material 


Student leadership for learning and teaching

Sophie Burgess, for service to College-level remote teaching and learning practice 

Tuan Tran, for excellence in student class representation 



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