CECS Industry Engagement Advice and Investment Scheme

2pm Friday 1 Mar 2019

Aim:  To assist CECS researchers in initiating and developing new industry engagements that may lead to long term benefits to researchers, CECS, the ANU and/or Australia. 

The objective is to provide advice and seed capital to initiate new collaboration/ engagement with industry. The scheme encourages any appropriate form of engagement and actively encourage innovative ways of engagements rather than restricting to well-known avenues.  

Examples (but not limited to):  Activities that lead to industry engagement or industry co-application for grant / funding (i.e. ARC LP, ITTC, ITRH, CRC-P) – e.g., undertake a small project with matching funding from a partner; internship support for preliminary research work, embedding a PhD student at a potential industry partner, organising ‘an industry day’ to showcase group’s research to a series of industry partners, travel support to visit industry partners, preliminary research costs, etc.

Funding guidelines:

  1. Normally, funding can be sought between up to $10,000.  The applicants will be provided (optional) advice or directed towards appropriate places to get advice even without an investment. 
  2. If there are other suitable schemes or sources of funding available, then the applicants will also be made aware of those sources.
  3. The scheme is based on ‘pay it forward’ principle.
  4. There is no set application form. The applicants are expected to provide sufficient but succinct information as they see fit for the committee to make an opinion.  The degree of scrutiny of the application will be matched to the level of investment sought.   The applicant will be invited to meet with the panel or a panel member to discuss their application.
  5. The assessment panel comprises: Deputy Dean and Business Development Manager. In the cases of conflict of interests, the panel members would be replaced.
  6. Normally, decisions will be made based on an assessment of the reasonable likelihood of achieving a return consistent with the strategic direction of the College and relevant School(s) and commensurate with the level of investment. 
  7. Applicants who are successful in establishing industry interactions are expected to share their wisdom and lessons learnt with the rest of the college using a suitable forum.

If you have any queries, or would like to apply, please contact Professor Nick Birbilis or Lori Sciusco via email.



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