PV Factory: Online education and research in solar cell manufacturing

Keith McIntosh


DATE: 2015-03-18
TIME: 15:00:00 - 16:00:00
LOCATION: Graduate Teaching Room (Ian Ross Building)
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Conventional solar cells are typically fabricated in just seven steps. If you think that makes them simple to design and manufacture, consider this: every component of a solar cell serves multiple purposes and every component is inextricably dependent on the other components. Consequently, none of the seven manufacturing steps can be optimised in isolation, and solar cells cannot be designed well without understanding the interrelations between the steps.

The complicated relationships between manufacturing and cell design make solar cells interesting to research and enjoyable to teach. For over a decade, UNSW has taught these relationships with the help of its software program, the Virtual Production Line. In 2014, this software was rewritten to run in the cloud on the new "PV Factory" platform. PV Factory is now being used by UNSW and ASU to teach solar cell manufacturing.

This seminar recounts the development and testing of PV Factory as an educational tool. It also describes how it will be expanded into the ultimate research tool for PV manufacturing.


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