Reducing the electricity cost of cloud data centers via geographical load balancing

Zichuan Xu (ANU, Research School of Computer Science)


DATE: 2012-11-30
TIME: 11:00:00 - 11:30:00
LOCATION: CSIT Seminar Room, N101
CONTACT: JavaScript must be enabled to display this email address.

Data centers, serving as infrastructures for cloud services, are growing both in number and scale. However, they usually consume an enormous amount of electric power, which leads to high operation cost of cloud service providers. Reducing the operation cost of data centers is recognized as a challenging but complex task. In this talk, we will introduce the minimum operation cost problem for fair request allocations in a distributed cloud environment where its data centers and web portals are geographically located in different regions, by incorporating the diversity of spatio-temporal electricity prices in these regions, with an objective to allocate requests to different data centers for processing while the negotiated Service Level Agreements between request users and the cloud service provider are guaranteed.

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