We conduct research within three main areas: Algorithms, Databases and Logic. Algorithms research covers wireless sensor networks and graph theory. Databases research includes data modelling and database design, query processing and optimisation, and data integration. Logic research incorporates intelligent agents, hardware and software verification, knowledge representation and reasoning, and mathematical foundations. Our work is grounded in real-world applications, ranging from managing large networks of sensors for tracking water flows through irrigation systems in order to minimise waste, to finding ways to automatically generate verified computer code for counting ballots in Australian elections.

Logic and algorithms research at ANU began in the early 1970s. Professor Robert (Bob) K Meyer joined Professor Richard Sylvan at the Research School of Social Sciences (RSSS) to investigate the Kripke semantics of relevant logics. Soon afterwards, Professor Richard Brent, an algorithms expert, joined ANU from Stanford University to found the then Faculty of Information Technology. Since then, logic and algorithms research endeavours at ANU have converged within the field of computer science, mirroring a worldwide shift from philosophical logics to industrial logics. We began database research in 2012 when Dr Qing Wang joined ANU.

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Computers are becoming increasingly important in our modern lives, by performing tasks ranging from those previously undertaken by humans to...


The rise of ‘big data’ is changing the way we live and think, from how people communicate with each other, to how businesses make decisions, to...


Computers play a vital role in controlling modern cars, aeroplanes and trains. For instance, many airports now have driverless trains to take......

Brendan McKay

Brendan McKay is Professor in the Research School of Computer Science at The Australian National University
"I was always interested in science, and in school I wandered around physics and chemistry. But I kept coming back to my first love, mathematics."...
Alasdair Tran and Lee Wei Yen
5 Nov 2015
Two ANU computing students have recently taken out the Australian Data Mining 2015 student competition.  With a first place prize of $2500.00 the competition was...

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