Human-Centred Computing

Human-Centred Computing

When we interact and cooperate with other humans, they usually understand and predict what we will do. The same cannot be said of computers, which usually wait to be told what to do next. Using the latest technology, our research explores computer-human interactions with data and the world. We want computers to understand what users’ goals are when they perform specific tasks, and to enhance their user experience. Our goal is to make computers to 'think ahead', and be responsive in their interactions with humans.

We conduct interdisciplinary research, combining computing, art, science, music, security, psychology, social network analysis, digital humanities and biologically inspired computing. We aim to produce more robust, scalable and flexible computational tools that can interact with humans effectively. We are particularly interested in: interactive tools for supporting creativity in music and art; the use of wearable and mobile devices; control gestures for computer systems; health applications; virtual and augmented reality; and the use of eye-gaze and physiological signals to infer humans’ mental states.

Explore our available student research projects below and if you’d like to discuss opportunities for collaboration or funding, please email us.

Academic staff

Dr Deborah Apthorp »

Honorary Senior Lecturer

Sabrina Caldwell

Dr Sabrina Caldwell »

Postdoctoral Fellow

Dr Henry Gardner »


Professor Tom Gedeon »


Dr Timothy Graham »

Honorary Senior Lecturer


Dr. Md Zakir Hossain »

Research Fellow, Lecturer

Dr Penny Kyburz »

Senior Lecturer

Dr Ramesh Sankaranarayana »

Senior Lecturer

Dr Ben Swift »

Senior Lecturer

Dr Zhenchang Xing »

Associate Professor


Mazen Ibrahim Al Ismail

Mr Mazen Al Ismail »

PhD Candidate

Christopher Chow

Mr Chris Chow »

PhD student

Jaewon Kim »

PhD Candidate

Mr Quyu Kong »

Honours Student

David Marshall

Mr David Marshall »

PhD Student

Rollin Machuka Omari

Mr Rollin Machuka Omari »

PhD student

Madhawa Perera »

PhD Candidate

Ms Jo Plested »

PhD Student and Lecturer

Mr Alex Simangunsong »


Andrew Sorensen

Mr Andrew Sorensen »

PhD Student - external

Mr Jiahao Wang  »

Honours Student

Mr Siqi Wu »

PhD Student

Ms XuanYing Zhu »

PhD Candidate


Mr Matt Adcock

Mr Matt Adcock »

Honorary Lecturer

Dr Clem Baker-Finch »

Honorary Senior Lecturer

Dr Tim Brook »

Honorary Lecturer

Roger Clarke »

Honorary Professor

Dr Armin Haller »

Associate Professor

Dr David Hawking

Professor David Hawking »

Honorary Professor

Dr Warren Jin »

Adjunct Fellow

Dr Richard Jones »

Honorary Professor, Visiting Fellow

Professor Bob McKay »

Honorary Professor

Dr Sumudu Mendis

Dr Sumudu Mendis »

Former staff with access

Photograph of James Popple

Dr James Popple »

Honorary Professor

Professor Michael Wagner

Professor Michael Wagner »

Honorary Professor

Mr Tom Worthington »

Honorary Senior Lecturer, Visiting Fellow

Assoc Professor Mohammad Yamin

Dr Mohammad Yamin »

Honorary Associate Professor, Adjunct Associate Professor, Professor, Kaing Abdulaziz University, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia


Mr Andrew Coward »

Honorary Assoc Professor

Mr. Amin Derakhshan »

Research Visitor

Jian Dong

Mr Jian Dong »

Occupational trainee

Dr Chris Gunn

Dr Chris Gunn »

Visiting Fellow

Dr Ying-Hsang Liu »

Honorary Lecturer

Emeritus Fellow Bruce Millar »

Emeritus Fellow

Mr Aditya Mogadala »

Occupational Trainee

Dr Xiaoli Wu »

Visiting Fellow


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Journal Articles

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Conference Papers

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Jaewon Kim Tom Gedeon Ramesh Sanka and Mazen Al Ismali
12 Jan 2016
The Research School of Computer Science has won a competitive ANU Teaching Enhancement Grant in the latest round of funding provided to promote innovations to...
OzChi 2015 winners
11 Dec 2015
A team of four ANU students known as “The Normans” (Jennyfer Lawrence Taylor, Leana Copeland, Chris Chow, and Kirsty Nitschke) won first place in the...

The Mind Attention Interface is a novel interface for a Virtual Reality (VR) theatre using a combination of electroencephalogram (EEG) biofeedback and eye-gaze tracking.

Ms Nandita Sharma

Queensland Brain Institute Short Course in Mathematical and Computational Neuroscience Scholarship

Nandita Sharma was awarded the Queensland Brain Institute Short Course in Mathematical and Computational Neuroscience Scholarship in 2011.

Professor Graham Williams

PAKDD Distinguished Contribution Award

Graham Williams received the PAKDD Distinguished Contribution Award in 2011.

Lexing Xie

Grand Challenge Multimodal Prize, ACM Multimedia 2012

In 2012 Zhiyu Wang, Peng Cui, Lexing Xie, Hao Chen, Wenwu Zhu, Shiqiang Yang  won the Grand Chellenge Multimodal prize for "Analyzing social media via event facets”, Grand Challenge Multimodal Prize, ACM Multimedia 2012.

Dr Ben Swift

GovHac open Data Hack-a-thon 2012

Torben Sko, Ben Swift won three awards at the GovHack open data hack-a-thon in 2012. 

Dr Ben Swift

Deans Award for work on the 2012 Science Week Outreach project

Torben Sko, Ben Swift, James Sheridan were awarded the Dean's Award for the work on the Science Week outreach project in 2012.

Dr Abhinav Dhall

Dean's Travel Award

Dr Abhinav Dhall won $10,000 towards a visit in which he attended a laboratory at Imperial College London in 2012

Professor Tom Gedeon

Dean's award for Excellence in Teaching

Tom Gedeon was awarded the Dean's award for Excellence in Teaching in 2010 and nominated for the VC's award

Dr Dingyun Zhu

CSIRO ICT Centre Publication Award

Dingyun Zhu received the CSIRO ICT Centre Publication Award in 2011

Dr Dingyun Zhu

Chinese Government Award for Outstanding Self- financed Chinese Stu- dents Study Abroad

Dingyun Zhu received the Chinese Government Award for Outstanding Self-financed Chinese Stu- dents Study Abroad in 2010, China Scholarship Council (CSC).

Best Video at CHI 2012

Torben Sko received the Best Video Award at CHI 2012


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