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Hardware synergistic algorithms
Harnessing the Spectroscopic Fingerprints of Stars through Domain Adaptation
HCI design of digital and tangible technologies for climate action!
High-Performance Computing for Parallel Boolean SAT(isfiability) Solving
Human-AI Teaming in Games
Human-Swarm Interaction in Games/VR
Hydrogen fuels for decarbonisation
Impact of joint alignment on artificial knee kinematics
Improving fashion trend prediction using an ontology-based approach
Improving Telescope Operations via Explainable AI and Reinforcement Learning
Inference from medical record information using graph databases
Innovative Machine Intelligence and Cybersecurity Solutions to Safeguard the Patient Information Associated with a New Generation of Medical Devices
Interpretable Machine Intelligence in Early Detection of Ovarian Cancer
Learning, Representing and Exploiting Sequential Nogoods in Planning
Low-cost carbon based electrode for solar cells
Machine Learning Hyper-parameter Optimisation using Particle Swarms
Machine learning model(s) for identifying mosquitoes from their sound waves
Mapping Dark Matter in the Milky Way via Physics-Inspired Neural Networks
Materials compatibility with molten sodium for energy storage systems
Micro-/Nano-Electro-Mechanical System (MEMS/NEMS) based novel biomedical devices
Multi-dimensional Imputation and Interpolation Methods for Materials Informatics
Multiple PhD Scholarship Opportunities in Smart Miniaturized Sensors for the detection of Improvised Explosive Devices
Neighbourhood Battery Initiative (NBI) – comparison of methods for supporting high penetration of electric vehicles and solar PV in the suburbs
Neighbourhood Battery Initiative (NBI) – development of an energy trading online game to explore shared battery storage
Neighbourhood Battery Initiative (NBI) – Impact of Neighbourhood Batteries on Decarbonisation
Neighbourhood Battery Initiative (NBI) – Upgrading the Electricity Network to Support Rooftop Solar PV Energy Generation
New Interfaces for Musical Expression
Novel algorithms for exascale computational chemistry
Novel materials for water desalination: metal organic frameworks as adsorbents
On the Foundations of Inductive Reasoning (FIR)
OzFuel: Australian Fuel Monitoring from Space
Parallel Tiled Algorithm Development
PhD Opportunity with Industry Collaboration
PhD Research Projects in Communications
Phylogenetic inference in the genomic era
Position control of a flexible beam using negative imaginary systems theory
Power generation for wearable devices
Privacy and Security in MSR Research
Procedural Generation and Co-Creation of Game Content
Projects on perovskite solar cells
Quantifying the Difficulty of Easy Decision-Theoretic Planning Problems
RDF-Star Reference Implementation
Reconstructing the Merging History of the Milk Way
Reproducibility Debt in Data Science Software (HDR)
Robust Machine Learning Hyper-parameter Optimisation using Taguchi Methods
SAT-based Planning Using Split Representations: Quantifying the Separation
Security Issues Admitted in Commit Messages (Hons)
Seeing is Believing - Astronomy Instrumentation and Machine Learning
Shared battery storage in Australian suburbs
Smart recycling of materials


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