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100 Projects

Project namesort descending Area Theme
Implementing an ethical AI framework Planning and Optimisation Intelligence
Improving search engine efficiency with emerging memory and storage Software Engineering Computer Systems
Infrastructure and Techniques to Accelerate Operational Weather Codes on Next-generation Supercomputers High Performance Computing Computer Systems
Innovative Machine Intelligence and Cybersecurity Solutions to Safeguard the Patient Information Associated with a New Generation of Medical Devices Data Mining & Matching, Human-Centred Computing, Machine Learning, Networked Systems, Sensors, Signal Processing Computer Systems, Intelligence
Interpretable Clustering using Distance-based Feature Importance Profiles High Performance Computing, Machine Learning Information, Intelligence
Investigating Mixed Reality for Enhancing Distributed Human-Machine Teaming Human-Centred Computing
Is that avatar really smiling or faking it? Human-Centred Computing Intelligence
Knowledge Graph Modelling Data Mining & Matching Intelligence
Laser Frequency Stabilization for space
Learning, Representing and Exploiting Sequential Nogoods in Planning Planning and Optimisation Intelligence
LQG control of a double well system Quantum Cybernetics Information
Machine Learning Hyper-parameter Optimisation using Semi-random Sequences High Performance Computing, Machine Learning, Nanomaterials Intelligence, Materials
Machine learning model(s) for identifying mosquitoes from their sound waves Computer Vision, Machine Learning
Machine learning model(s) for pest management strategies Computer Vision, Machine Learning
Making sense of ants', bats', and dolphins' motion Signal Processing
Micro-/Nano-Electro-Mechanical System (MEMS/NEMS) based novel biomedical devices Micro & Nano Systems Fabrication
Music Creation with Machine Learning Machine Learning Intelligence
Musical instruments that play along: ML for music generation, interaction, and performance Human-Centred Computing, Machine Learning Intelligence
Natural Language Processing for Mental Health Machine Learning Intelligence
Natural Language Processing for Small Languages Machine Learning Intelligence
New Interfaces for Musical Expression Audio & Acoustic Signal Processing, Human-Centred Computing, Sensors Computer Systems
Novel algorithms for exascale computational chemistry Algorithms, High Performance Computing, Software Engineering Computer Systems, Theory
On the Foundations of Inductive Reasoning (FIR) Intelligent Agents, Machine Learning Intelligence
Open Relation Extraction Machine Learning Intelligence
Optimizing a Parallel Boolean SAT(isfiability) Solver High Performance Computing Computer Systems
Optoelectronic properties of novel 2-dimensional transition metal dichalcogenides Micro & Nano Systems, Nanomaterials, Photovoltaics Energy, Fabrication, Materials
Parallel Tiled Algorithm Development High Performance Computing Computer Systems
Partner with School of Archeology: Develop a machine learning algorithm that can discern the difference between wild and domestic varieties of grains found in pottery shards. Machine Learning Information
PhD Opportunity with Industry Collaboration Information
PhD project in Energy Analytics: Battery Storage and Grid Integration Program Signal Processing Energy
PhD Research Projects in Communications Communications Information
Phylogenetic inference in the genomic era Algorithms, High Performance Computing, Software Engineering Theory
Power generation for wearable devices
Procedural Generation and Co-Creation of Game Content Human-Centred Computing, Machine Learning Intelligence
Quantifying the Difficulty of Easy Decision-Theoretic Planning Problems Planning and Optimisation Intelligence
SAT-based Planning Using Split Representations: Quantifying the Separation Planning and Optimisation Intelligence
Saving Endangered Languages Machine Learning Intelligence
Shared battery storage in Australian suburbs Energy Storage Energy
Short-term solar energy forecasting from sky video sequences Computer Vision Information
Smart recycling of materials Manufacturing Materials
Stability study of gallium-doped Czochralski silicon solar cells Photovoltaics Energy
Sustainable Materials Design using Machine Learning Machine Learning, Manufacturing, Planning and Optimisation Energy, Information, Intelligence, Materials
Towards Better Images of the Universe Machine Learning Intelligence
Translating insect sketches to images and validate with real life images Computer Vision, Machine Learning Intelligence
Using GPUs to accelerate phylogenetic reconstruction in the IQ-TREE software Algorithms, High Performance Computing Computer Systems
Video Games (Choose your own adventure) Algorithms, Human-Centred Computing, Intelligent Agents, Machine Learning, Software Engineering Computer Systems, Intelligence
Virtual RobotX Robotics
Weak light phase tracking
What Our Eyes Can Tell about Our Health? Machine Learning Intelligence
What Our Eyes Can Tell about Our Health? Machine Learning Intelligence


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