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80 Projects

Project namesort descending Area Theme
Making 3D Scientific Applications Fault Tolerant High Performance Computing Computer Systems
Materials for high temperature solar thermal systems Energy Storage, Solar Thermal Energy, Materials
Musical instruments that play along: ML for music generation, interaction, and performance Human-Centred Computing, Machine Learning Intelligence
Natural Language Processing for Mental Health Machine Learning Intelligence
Natural Language Processing for Small Languages Machine Learning Intelligence
New Interfaces for Musical Expression Audio & Acoustic Signal Processing, Human-Centred Computing, Sensors Computer Systems
On the Foundations of Inductive Reasoning (FIR) Intelligent Agents, Machine Learning Intelligence
Open Relation Extraction Machine Learning Intelligence
Peer-to-peer Sharing Economy for Energy and Transportation in Smart Cities Algorithms, Data Mining & Matching, Energy Storage, Intelligent Agents, Machine Learning, Planning and Optimisation Energy, Intelligence, Theory
PhD Opportunity with Industry Collaboration Information
PhD project in Energy Analytics: Battery Storage and Grid Integration Program Signal Processing Energy
PhD Project: Generating Abstract Plans in HTN Planning Algorithms, Knowledge Representation & Reasoning, Planning and Optimisation Intelligence, Theory
PhD Project: Various topics From Theory to Practice in Hierarchical Planning Algorithms, Human-Centred Computing, Intelligent Agents, Knowledge Representation & Reasoning, Logic, Planning and Optimisation Intelligence
PhD Research Projects in Communications Communications Information
Quantifying the Difficulty of Easy Decision-Theoretic Planning Problems Planning and Optimisation Intelligence
Redirection for Pathfinding based on Compressed Path Database Planning and Optimisation Intelligence
Reinforcing Trial-based Heuristic Tree Search with Neural Networks Planning and Optimisation
Resilient Programming Models for One-Sided Communications High Performance Computing, Programming Language Systems Computer Systems
SAT-based Planning Using Split Representations: Quantifying the Separation Planning and Optimisation Intelligence
Saving Endangered Languages Machine Learning Intelligence
Secret sharing: an application to multi-factor encryption Logic, Programming Language Systems Computer Systems, Theory
Short-term solar energy forecasting from sky video sequences Computer Vision Information
Staring at the Night Sky Computer Vision Intelligence
Testing and characterisation of solar thermal absorbers Micro & Nano Systems, Nanomaterials, Solar Thermal Energy, Materials
Towards Better Images of the Universe Machine Learning Intelligence
Ultra-small Pixels for Photodetection: Design and simulation of narrowband, tunable plasmonic absorbers for hot electron photodetectors Optical Devices Energy
Unifying decision diagram theory for probabilistic planning Planning and Optimisation Theory
Value-Dependent Information Flow Security Logic, Programming Language Systems Computer Systems, Theory
Video Games (Choose your own adventure) Algorithms, Human-Centred Computing, Intelligent Agents, Machine Learning, Software Engineering Computer Systems, Intelligence
Virtual Reality Video Game Player Experience Human-Centred Computing Computer Systems


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