Student Research Project Management System


Currently, both the CS and Honours Projects involve 2 crucial adminstrative stages: (1) the filling out of Independent Study Contracts at the beginning and (b) the submission and collations of 2 evaluation reports per project at the end.  Particularly stage (1) is tedious for all concerned, labor intensive for the convenor and worst of all error prone. The system does not scale to the very considerable numbers of projects that RSCS now hosts.

This project will involve creating an operational information system to handle these stages. The confusing hardcopy contracts are replaced by logins (ANU id authentication) and data entry by all concerned: the student, supervisor, examinor(s) and convenor.  The system should send notifcations to the appropriate parties, including the requests for permission code once a project proposal is approved.  The system must also accept and collate examiner reports.

The system must also be able to be queried and display all the relevant infomration to each party.  It should be able to talk to other systems, e.g. fais, for relvevant infromation, e.g. staff and student records / prerequisite checks. A Virtual Machine with web-serving capabilities will be provided.


* CS Projects

* Honours Projects



The project was partially completed by 2 students in S2 2018. Please contact Prof Liang on status and opportunities for 2019.

Parts (1) and (2) operational by the end-of-semester!


Normal expectations as for entry to  COMP4560 or COMP8755.


A majhor contribution to the operation of RSCS if successful.


Information system, web server, authentication, CS Projects, Honours Projects.

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