Software Architectures for Techlauncher




A number of student projects will be supported in the area of software architectures. Students will undertake an analysis of some of the past Techlauncher projects and identify the software architectures that have been used in these projects. The idea is that future Techlauncher projects could benefit from knowing more about previous projects. Software architectures are a good way of encapsulating this prior knowledge and passing it on to future students. 

Students will be expected to have a good knowledge of software engineering and software architectures. As such, any students who are elligible for these project courses and who have already taken at least two programming courses at ANU and who have also taken COMP2120/COMP6120 "Software Engineering" or COMP2130/COMP6311  "Software Analysis and Design" may take these projects. Students who are very competent coders may attempt to reengineer the code base of some of these techlauncher projects. Some clients are very keen to have this done.

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