*RE-OPEN* AI for Software System Security


Investiage use of AI planning (and model checking) technologies to find and repair bugs in software/protocols.

Technologies in scope include one of more of:

  • Planning Heuristics:
    • Landmarks and orderings
    • Combine and Abstract (aka Merge and Shrink) 
  • Search Control:
    • Preferred Operators
    • Partial Order Reduction
    • Sequential nogood learning (via Machine Learning if that is consistent with student's interest)
  • Problem Reformulation/Translation:
    • to SAT/CSP
    • Descriptive Quotients
    • Bound-derived Subproblems

 Important to note that the student undertaking this project shall investigate a highly limited subset of the above.


Learn about advanced topics in AI planning and cyber security.

Use AI planning search to synthesize an exploit.

Stretch goal is to identify a previously unknown exploit. 


passion for artificial intelligence, programming, and interest in research.



research experience, and knowledge of advanced AI and cyber topics


Planning, Heursitics, Control Knowledge, Cyber Security

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