[Open] Automation and sensing of string/combiner box level failures on utility scale solar farm SCADA data



Research areas


Please note, this is and external project supervised by Dr Andrew Thomson. Please contact Andrew directly if you are interested in this project: Andrew.Thomson@cwprenewables.com.

One of the challenges of solar farm operation, is determining the locations of performance limiting solar panels. 3MVA central inverters are now state-of-the art, hence over 9000 panels are aggregated behind one maximum power point tracker. Isolating underperforming panels has the obvious benefit of improving plant operation, however sometimes more importantly it enables panel failures to be more closely tracked which has implications on panel suppliers obligations.

You will work with the asset management team at CWP Renewables to develop a methodology for assessing string level failures from SCADA data. You will have unparalleled access to two utility scale solar farms SCADA data (under a NDA) where you will develop the fault sensing algorithms. Your methodologies will them be deployed in the automatic debugging of a solar farm operation.


Competencies in programming will be necessary.

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