Gamification of Data Labelling for Machine Learning




Some machine learning applications require the annotation of large datasets, in preparation for training and testing by ML algorithms. It is often necessary for humans to spend a large amount of time manually labelling data sets, which can be a time-consuming, error-prone, and tedious task.


This project aims to make labelling datasets for machine learning faster, easier, more accurate, and more fun by developing games that are designed to help humans to annotate the datasets. The target datasets can come from any domain of interest, but one option is video game datasets, such as video game player reviews.


If you would like to participate in this project, please send me a 1-2 paragraph proposal for your idea.


Here are some readings about gamification of dataset labelling to get you started:

Paper 1

Paper 2

Paper 3



games, gamification, machine learning, data analysis

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