Choose your own project in human-computer interaction


This project theme is open for students to turn your passion into a human-computer interaction (HCI) research project!


Your project should address the following stages of the design process, depending on the project length: literature review, contextual research, design ideation and prototyping, implementation, and evaluation.

For a 6-unit project, you may focus on either the literature review and contextual research phase, OR the design ideation, prototyping, and evaluation phase. For 12-24 unit projects, you are expected to follow the whole design sequence.

You are welcome to propose a project involving digital or tangible technologies depending on your interests and skills.


Your project will focus on the use of qualitative design research methods (e.g., interviews, diary studies, cultural probes, co-design activities etc.) 

Developing your project idea

How do you come up with a project idea?

  • Think about what you enjoy doing and are passionate about. Can technology design enrich the experience of doing this activity?
  • Review the HCI literature on this topic in the ACM digital library to see what has been done before
  • Consider what existing skills and experience you already have, and what you wish to learn through the project
  • Identify what you think would be feasible to achieve within the timeframe that you are proposing

Consideration will be given to projects that connect with one or more of the following themes or approaches in particular: co-design/participatory design, environmental sustainability, climate action, ethics, AI education, board games


Required Skills and Experience      

  • Completion of COMP3900/COMP6390 Human-Computer Interaction, experience in an HCI project, or a strong motivation and plan to upskill in this area
  • Research and technical skills that will allow you to succeed in the project that you are proposing
  • For digital technology projects, completed coursework or experience in programming, mobile application and/or web application development
  • For tangible user interface (TUI) projects, completed coursework in electrical engineering or familiarity with electronics
  • You must have a passion for your proposed project topic and the skills to complete your project independently within the given timeframe

How to Apply

To submit an expression of interest to join this project, please email with the subject line “Student Project EOI: Choose Your Own Project in Human-Computer Interaction”

Please attach all of the following for your EOI to be considered:

  • Academic transcript(s);
  • CV; and
  • 1-page project proposal that includes: project idea, motivation, methods, deliverables, and timeline. You should reference HCI publications from the ACM Digital Library in your proposal to show how your idea is new or different to what has been done before. State your degree program, project course code, and project length.

Background Literature

Helen Sharp, Jenny Preece, and Yvonne Rogers. 2019. Interaction Design: Beyond Human-Computer Interaction. West Sussex: Wiley.


Human-computer interaction, user experience, co-design

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