Augmented Reality with Phones for Way Finding and Help (FULL FOR SEMESTER 1/2019)




This project description covers projects involving the development and crititque of augmented reality applications for way finding and help. Way finding in augmented reality involves overlaying the picture of a scene with "stickies" that provide directions to where you want to go. Help involves the registration of something that might be associated with help or safety information (such as a piece of equipment) and having links to information about that object.

These projects will target development in Unity for display on a Google Pixel Phone. The intent of these projects is that they could support students taking project courses COMP4560 or COMP8755. Students will be expected to have a good programming skills and a good knowledge of human computer interaction.  As such, any students who are elligible for these project courses and who have already taken at least two programming courses at ANU and who have also taken COMP3900 or COMP6390 "Human Computer Interaction" may request to take these projects.


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augmented reality

human computer interaction

mobile phones

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