Augmented Reality And Mobile Phones (FULL FOR SEMESTER 1/2020)




Augmented Reality And Mobile Phones

I will be offering a number of projects to do with augmented reality and mobile phones. All of the following projects will involve the development of augmented reality apps in the Unity framework for display on a Google Pixel Phone or an Apple IPhone. Students will be expected to have very good coding skills and a good knowledge of human computer interaction.  As such, any students who are eligible for these project courses and who have already taken at least two programming courses at ANU and who have also taken COMP3900 or COMP6390 "Human Computer Interaction" may request to take these projects.

Please note the restrictions on the following project types in the following list; when I say "application projects" I am referring to single or double semester, undergraduate or masters projects in computer science with a maximum weighting of 12 units for the entire project. I also refer to "CS Honours" being computer science honours projects with a weighting of 24 units. PhD projects are for PhDs in computer science.

1) Consumer advice for dieters: This project will develop an AR app that will advise dieters how they can restrict serving sizes (application projects only; this project will require image processing; some mathematical and computer vision expertise would be useful)

2) Happy restaurant search: This project will search for a restaurant to eat at where the staff are happy with their pay and conditions. (application projects only)

3) Augmented reality for graveyards and memorials: This project will develop an app to guide users through a graveyard and to download information related to people who have been buried or remembered at a particular grave site. This is a quite sensitive project and students will need to conduct interviews with people managing graveyards as well as, potentially, bereaved families. The student will need to have a good experience with human computer interaction (application projects; CS Honours)

4) Adjust a phone's GPS: The GPS signals calculated from mobile phones have small inaccuracies. These inaccuracies are big enough for phones to not be able to calculate a user's exact position in relation to building entrances. So this is an issue for wayfinding apps that aim to provide directions to offices and other information in a built environment such as a university campus. This project will seek to develop an algorithm and a user interface to interactively correct errors in these GPS calculations (application projects; some mathematics and computer vision background would be useful for this project)

5) Capture and manipulate sticky notes with informal labels: Requirements gathering workshops in software engineering sometimes involve the collaborative production of elaborate diagrams which are constructed on a wall using sticky note. These diagrams need to be captured in all their detail. Ideally, images captured by a phone would be then manipulated using a program at a desktop. Manipulated diagrams can then be sent out to workshop participants to archive learning and to facilitate further discussion. As an extension of this project, the student could take photographs of hand-drawn diagrams and translate them into nicely formatted UML. (application projects, CS Honours)

6) Write your own AR-Mobile Phone project. Please write to me below if you have your own project. Clearly describe your project and make a case why your project would be a good one for the project course that you want to take.

Contact for more details. I am happy to discuss these and other projects with students before the beginning of term but allocations of people to them will be only provisional at this stage. Confirmed allocations to project topics will be made after the beginning of orientation week (Monday 18 February). See also other projects linked to my home page:
Please note that I will be away from the university from Monday 21 January until Monday 4 February 2019.

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