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*NEW* Assurance of Self-driving Cars Machine Learning, Planning and Optimisation Intelligence
*NEW* High-Performance Computing for Parallel Boolean SAT(isfiability) Solving
*NEW* How to enable robots to use tools Machine Learning, Planning and Optimisation, Robotics Intelligence
*NEW* Learning, Representing and Exploiting Sequential Nogoods in Planning Planning and Optimisation Intelligence
*NEW* Video Games (Choose your own adventure) Algorithms, Human-Centred Computing, Intelligent Agents, Machine Learning, Software Engineering Intelligence, Computer Systems
*RE-OPEN* AI for Software System Security Planning and Optimisation Intelligence, Computer Systems, Theory
Accelerating radiological path length calculations for intensity modulated radiotherapy treatments using parallel processing Algorithms, Human-Centred Computing, Software Engineering Computer Systems, Intelligence
Advanced Smart Buildings with Internet-of-Things and Privacy-Preserving Optimization Data Mining & Matching, Human-Centred Computing, Networked Systems, Planning and Optimisation Energy, Intelligence
Advancing strategic game AI in the StarCraft II AI research environment Human-Centred Computing, Intelligent Agents, Machine Learning, Software Engineering Intelligence, Computer Systems
Algorithms for Modal Types Logic, Programming Language Systems Theory
An Intelligent Learning Framework based on Knowledge Graphs Databases, Intelligent Agents, Machine Learning Theory
Analysis/mining of video game reviews Algorithms, Data Mining & Matching, Human-Centred Computing, Machine Learning, Software Engineering Intelligence, Computer Systems
Analyzing Machine Learning Workloads on Contemporary Processors High Performance Computing, Machine Learning Computer Systems
Application of Agile Tools in a Student Support Environment Software Engineering Computer Systems
Augmented And Virtual Reality Headsets (FULL FOR SEMESTER 1/2019 apart from Honours/Phd)) Computer Vision, Human-Centred Computing, Software Engineering Computer Systems
Augmented Reality And Mobile Phones (FULL FOR SEMESTER 1/2019) Human-Centred Computing Computer Systems
Augmented Reality with Phones for Way Finding and Help (FULL FOR SEMESTER 1/2019) Human-Centred Computing Computer Systems
Automated Reasoning for Security Protocol Analysis Logic, Programming Language Systems Computer Systems, Theory
Automated Reasoning for Situational Awareness Intelligent Agents, Knowledge Representation & Reasoning, Logic, Planning and Optimisation Computer Systems
Automation and sensing of string/combiner box level failures on utility scale solar farm SCADA data Photovoltaics Energy
BE Honours and Master Projects in Communications Communications Information
Benchmarking OpenCL for High-Performance Scientific Computing High Performance Computing Computer Systems
Bifacial Solar panel opportunities for Utility Scale Solar farms in Australia Photovoltaics Energy
Blockchain-based Decentralized Autonomous Organizations Algorithms, Networked Systems Computer Systems, Theory
Computational Alloy Design and Discovery Machine Learning Materials
Counter example guided planning in uncertain environments Planning and Optimisation Intelligence
Designing low loss receivers for concentrated solar power plants using photonics Energy
Development of a micro-optical characterisation setup Optical Devices Energy
Development of a system for simultaneous measurement of multiple solar cells Photovoltaics Energy
Development of efficient and stable perovskite-silicon tandem solar modules Photovoltaics Energy, Fabrication, Materials
Development of multilayer deposition and micro-texturing techniques for scalable CSP absorbers Composite Materials, Manufacturing, Micro & Nano Systems, Nanomaterials, Optical Devices, Solar Thermal Energy, Fabrication, Materials
Diagnosis of Hybrid Systems with Model-Checkers Planning and Optimisation Intelligence
Discovering Inconsistent Data in a Dynamic World Algorithms, Data Mining & Matching, Databases Theory
Dynamic Knowledge Tracing Knowledge Representation & Reasoning, Machine Learning
Elastomer Optics and Microfludics Devices Biomaterials, Manufacturing, Micro & Nano Systems, Nanomaterials Fabrication
Electromagnetic modelling of light trapping by a micro-textured solar absorber Micro & Nano Systems, Optical Devices, Solar Thermal Energy, Materials, Theory
Embedding IT-enabled decision support tools to improve quality of care for patients hospitalized with heart failure Databases, Human-Centred Computing, Machine Learning Intelligence
Entity Resolution: From Similarity to Patterns Data Mining & Matching, Databases, Machine Learning Theory
Explainable Text Classification: Producing performant solutions using hybrid lexicon-based approaches Data Mining & Matching, Logic, Machine Learning Computer Systems, Intelligence
Faster Decision-Theoretic Planning using Boolean-Constraint Propagation Planning and Optimisation Intelligence
Footy Cyber Dreaming Machine Learning Intelligence
Formally Verified Vote Counting: The case of Fractional Transfer Values Logic Theory
Graph Analytics Algorithms, Databases, Machine Learning Theory
Impact of different sub-cell degradation rates on tandem solar cell performance Photovoltaics Energy
Information Technology and the Propagation of Racism in the Australian Community Human-Centred Computing, Machine Learning Intelligence, Computer Systems
Innovative Machine Intelligence and Cybersecurity Solutions to Safeguard the Patient Information Associated with a New Generation of Medical Devices Data Mining & Matching, Human-Centred Computing, Machine Learning, Networked Systems, Sensors, Signal Processing Computer Systems, Intelligence
Logical Reasoning for Linked Data Databases, Logic, Machine Learning Theory
Machine learning for video and image understanding Computer Vision, Intelligent Agents, Machine Learning Intelligence
Modern Web Applications And Architectures (FULL FOR SEMESTER 1/2019) Software Engineering Computer Systems
Objective Measurement in Return-To-Sport following Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction Intelligent Agents Intelligence


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