Building continuous surface models utilising Structure-without-Motion Frameworl

ANU Solar Dishes

Multi-view 3D reconstruction is a central and fundamental topic in computer vision research, where the goal is to reconstruct 3D information of a scene from its multiple 2D images captured by a moving camera. The overarching aim of this project is to develop a new theory, as well as a novel computational framework, that are specifically suitable for efficiently reconstructing 3D from massive unorganized images obtained from distributed sources.

This is part of ARC DP grant (DP120103896, CIs: Hongdong Li and Jonghyuk Kim) and this project is focused on developing methods to build smooth dense surface model utilising Gaussian Process. This project advocates a novel use of Gaussian Process to model 3D surface in continuous form. This will lead to more robust technique for obtaining surface models (than by conventional dense stereo), and will be beneficial for possible later processes such as texture mapping and rendering. 


GPmap Software is publicly released here


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