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Centre for Sustainable Energy Systems

The group researches photovoltaic solar cells and concentrator solar thermal technologies. Activities include defect detection and surface passivation in silicon wafers; high performance silicon solar cells, including SLIVER solar cells; modelling; plasmons and nano PV technology; hybrid PV/thermal parabolic trough concentrator systems; and solar cooling. Research spans the spectrum from the fundamental to the applied. Engagement with companies and a vigorous outreach program support the research.

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Want to study with us?

We are interested in hearing from potential students who are considering a PhD pathway.

Or, you might like to try us out during our annual summer research scholar program.

Want to work with us?

There are many ways in which we collaborate with industry, government and other research institutions.

We welcome involvement with international and national research networks. Contact the relevant member of academic staff to discuss a visit to our research group.

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