How can we make automotive and aircraft components quickly and cheaply, yet still achieve a superior performance? This question is fundamental to our research program.

We investigate how manufacturers work with materials—including composites, natural fibres, recyclable polymers and metals—to produce stronger structures that are light-weight, produced rapidly and economically, and energy-efficient at all stages of the life cycle. The European Union’s fuel efficiency requirements are driving the automotive industry to produce light-weight vehicles. The life-cycle studies that we are undertaking will help to inform the materials that should be used to achieve these outcomes.   

Our research is supported by diverse funding streams, including from the Australian Research Council, Cooperative Research Centres and industry. We are also collaborating with industry partners, including Ford Motor Company and Boeing, to ensure that their structures are lighter, stronger and more energy efficient. For example, Boeing is seeking to make carbon composites for their aircraft as quickly as possible, while achieving very high quality standards. Our students have opportunities to engage with industry partners during research training activities.

Explore our available student research projects below and if you’d like to discuss opportunities for collaboration or funding, please email us.

Academic staff

Jeremy smith

Dr Jeremy Smith »

Senior Lecturer, Reimagine Fellow, ANU NAE Grand Challenge Scholar Director

Dr Vi Kie Soo »

Research Fellow

Dr Christopher Stokes-Griffin »

Research Fellow

Dr Randy Zeng »

Research Fellow


Mr Daniel Gesling »

R&D Student

Mr Di He »

PhD Candiate

Mr Charles Hu »

PhD Candidate

Ellen Lynch »

PhD Candidate, AFHEA


Mr Jiaji Cheng »

Occupational Trainee

Professor Jack JESWIET »

Visiting Fellow



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