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Our research addresses efficient, reliable and effective computer software. We work in four major areas. High Performance Computing seeks efficient solutions to massive computational problems. Programming Language Systems addresses the challenge of creating effective, efficient and sound programming languages. Software Engineering considers the challenge of managing the profound complexity inherent in large-scale software development. Human Centred Computing investigates psychological, social and cultural aspects of effective computing systems.

Our research has emerged from a rich history of high-performance computing research at ANU. During the 1990s, the ANU-Fujitsu CAP research program and the innovative ‘Wedge’ virtual reality theater set the foundation for our focus on languages, performance and human-centered computing. We continue that thread today, working closely with the National Computational Infrastructure, which is hosted at ANU and home to the fastest supercomputer in the southern hemisphere.

We pride ourselves on our academic reputation and innovative research, which we often undertake in collaboration with global industry leaders.

Explore our available research projects below and if you’d like to discuss opportunities for collaboration or funding, please email us.

Raijin supercomputer

Imagine a large computer system that fails. One of the power supply units shuts down or a memory slip causes data to become corrupted. The...

Human-Centred Computing

When we interact and cooperate with other humans, they usually understand and predict what we will do. The same cannot be said of computers, which...

Programming Languages, Design & Implementation

Programming languages provide the building blocks for the world’s computer software. Unfortunately, poorly designed and implemented languages are...

Software Engineering

The countless technological innovations that we rely on, for example in transport, telecommunications, finance and energy supply, are complex......

Academic staff






Steve Blackburn

Steve Blackburn is Professor in the Research School of Computer Science at ANU
I started playing with computers as a kid, studied electrical engineering as an undergraduate and then did my PhD in computer science. These two...
Tudor Barbulescu


Bachelor of Information Technology / Bachelor of Arts '17
For 2nd year Computing and Arts student Tudor, the future of visual arts performance is becoming inextricably linked with computers. It’s this human...
Many famous Sci-Fi movies feature artificial intelligence (AI) or robots going mad and killing all the humans. But in reality, AI is the only way we...
Data is the lifeblood of modern research. From the Nobel Prize winning research of Professor Brian Schmidt on the expansion of the universe, to the...
Peter Marshall
15 Jul 2016
Peter Marshall, who graduated from a Bachelor of Software Engineering at ANU, is heading to live and work in Munich after his job search led him to Google. Peter's...
Steve Blackburn and Xi Yang
5 Jul 2016
Computer scientists have developed a tweak for computer operating systems that could make large data centres 25 per cent more efficient by sharing their processing...
10 Feb 2016
ANU students are the fuel that will drive the Federal Government's Ideas Boom, according to DR SHAYNE FLINT, PhD '06...
Jaewon Kim Tom Gedeon Ramesh Sanka and Mazen Al Ismali
12 Jan 2016
The Research School of Computer Science has won a competitive ANU Teaching Enhancement Grant in the latest round of funding provided to promote innovations to...
OzChi 2015 winners
11 Dec 2015
A team of four ANU students known as “The Normans” (Jennyfer Lawrence Taylor, Leana Copeland, Chris Chow, and Kirsty Nitschke) won first place in the OzCHI 2015...
Design Profile for techLauncher
28 Oct 2015
The next generation of software developers and entrepreneurs from ANU have presented high technology projects to potential investors and industry partners at the...
Markus Hegland, Md. Mohsin Ali, Brendan Harding, Peter Strazdins
14 Sep 2015
Joint efforts between the Research School of Computer Science and the Mathematical Sciences Institute (MSI) at the Australian National University have just been...
Dr Armin Haller demonstrating eye gaze technology
29 Jul 2015
The ANU is set to play a significant role in guiding the future of the Web after being chosen as the new host of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) Australia...
ANU students win prize for creating web app in 32 hours
29 Dec 2014
Two computer science PhD students have won an award for creating a web-based application in just 32 hours, aimed at helping foreign students pronounce English words...
Three ANU students headed to Morocco for ICPC Challenge
20 Oct 2014
A team of three ANU students have taken out the top prize in the South Pacific Regionals Round of the International Collegiate Programming Competition (ICPC). After...

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