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Professor Elanor Huntington, Dean of the College of Engineering and Computer Science (CECS), is leading a project to reimagine a new type of engineering and computing, one that is custom built and fit for the middle of the 21st century.

The need for change is now

What is Reimagine?

Through the reimagination of the College, CECS aims to attract the best and brightest problem finders and develop the people who will find the right kinds of problems, the solving of which are truly transformational.

A project for the future

The Reimagine project aims to get us thinking about what our world will be like in 2050, when we are completely embedded in both a digital and physical environment, and to encourage us to take charge and shape a new intellectual agenda.  Our lived experience is increasingly one of large-scale systems of people, who’s actions and interactions are influenced by our digital, physical and biological environment. We and our technology are highly interconnected and yet highly diverse.  Somebody, somewhere designed, built, and operates almost everything. 

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We believe the world needs new types of engineers, computer scientists and designers. We can’t deploy methods and techniques of the past and expect new outcomes for the future. We need to reimagine problem framing and solving, incorporate diverse voices and approaches, and work together now to ensure our future leaders and communities are prepared for the work to come. Please join and help us answer critical questions of the future.


Reimagine CoDesign Workshops

Date: Canberra: 3 May 2019, Sydney: 14 May 2019, Melbourne: 4 Jun 2019 
Time: 09am–12:30pm 

Please join us for a half day design thinking session. Workshops will be held in May and June in Canberra, Sydney and Melbourne.

Reimagine CoDesign Forum

Date & time: 29 Nov 2019 09am–05:00pm

We will learn about each other’s work thoughts and ideas through a series of workshops and provocations, and we will spend dedicated time co-designing research and education agendas aimed at developing the thinkers and the inventions of the future.

How we will meet the challenge

The College will transform perspectives of engineering and computing through intellectual leadership in the following Reimagine themes:


People with the courage to be intellectual and cultural leaders who will sharpen their skills throughout their lives.






World-class spaces and infrastructure that attract and inspire.


Transformational educational experiences that give a distinctive edge in technological problem formulation, with expertise curated from the breadth of engineering, computing, science, social science and the humanities.


A new generation of high-potential, creative people in engineering and computing with a diverse range of interests, motivations and perspectives, and materially enhanced careers.


Rich bilateral exchange of ideas and people at scale, across thinking and practice, so that we are changed; and we change the world.


An intellectual agenda of lasting impact that advances the forward-leaning edges of engineering and computing, and which has the gravitas to recraft disciplinary boundaries on a global scale.

We will inspire a new generation of high-potential, creative people to come to engineering and computing with a diverse range of interests, motivations, perspectives and career aspirations.  We will nurture those people to go out into the 21st century world to find the right kinds of problems, the solving of which are truly transformational.


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