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Namesort descending Position Area Email / Phone
Ms Samantha Fischetti Office Manager - Cyber Institute
Mr Matthew Fish Service Assistant - HR Projects Human Resources
David Fisher ITS Sys Admin IT Services
Mr Jeff Fisher Phd student, Associate Lecturer
Dr Shayne Flint Honorary Associate Professor
+61 2 612 58183
Dr Kean Chern Fong Research Fellow
+61 2 612 52153
Mr Armando Fontalvo Lascano PhD Candidate
+61 2 6125 8295
Mr Maxime Forster PhD Candidate
+61 2 612 55941
Dr Kelly Frame Research Fellow
Mr Peter Francis Deputy Manager, Student Administration (HDR) , Extension 58188 Student Services
Mr Jonathan Franzi Hon student
Mr Andrew Fraser Leader, Engagement, Standards and Regulation Battery Storage and Grid Integration Program
Felix Friedlander Research Assistant
Jane Friel Educational Development Officer Educational Development, Student Services
+61 2 61254901
Yeu-Shin (Guyver) Fu PhD student
Dzikri Fudholi Masters Student
Dr Zelio Fusco Dr , ,
Dr Catherine R. Galvin Lecturer
Mr Chathura Gamage PhD Candidate
Dr Peter Gammie Research Fellow
Ms Jie Gao Teaching Computing Facility Support Officer ,
02 6125 5148
Mr Mingyuan Gao
Dr Henry Gardner Honorary Associate Professor
+61 2 6125 8181
Mr Puneet Garg PhD Candidate
Mr Isaac Gariano Honours Student
Mr Robin Garner PhD Student
Dr Xiaoyu Ge Honorary Lecturer
Wenbo Ge PhD Student
Mr Yixiao Ge HDR
Professor Tom Gedeon Honorary Professor
+61 2 6125 1052
Dr Florian Geißer Lecturer, Researcher
+61 2 6125 1632
Mr Daniel Gesling R&D Student
Dr Pouya Ghiasnezhad Omran Research Fellow
Monalisha Ghosh Dastidar PhD Candidate
Associate Professor Alexey Glushenkov ,
+61 2 612 51160
Dr Dan Gordon Senior Manager (Engineering)
Professor Rajeev Gore Emeritus Professor
+61 2 6125 8603
Ms Anna Goschin
Maia Gould Strategic Services Lead, School of Cybernetics 3A
+61 2 6125 8052
Professor Stephen Gould Professor, ARC Future Fellow ,
+61 2 612 58642
Dr Timothy Graham Honorary Senior Lecturer , ,
+61 2 6125 7709
Dr Alban Grastien HMI Research Fellow
+61 2 6125 7107
Dr Catherine Greenhill Honorary Associate Professor
Dr Charles Gretton Senior Lecturer
Mr Lin Gu PhD Candidate
+61 2 6267 6285
Mr Iain Guilliard PhD Student
Mr Hendra Gunadi PhD student
+61 2 612 58833
Mr Philipe Gunawan Gan PhD Candidate
Mr Junfeng Guo PhD Candidate
Mr Edison Guo PhD student
+61 2 612 53139


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