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Namesort descending Position Area Email / Phone
Ms Lisa Bleyerveld Service Manager - Human Resources Human Resources
Mitchell Blyth Battery Storage and Grid Integration Program
Timothy Bocquet Service Officer - Student Services Student Services
Dr Sergiy Bogomolov Honorary Lecturer
+61 2 6125 8627
Dr Gerard Borg Senior Lecturer / fellow
+61 2 612 58567
Dr Clive Boughton Honorary Associate Professor
+61 2 612 54001
Mr Matthew Boyd School Administrator Engineering Administration
Ms Charlotte Bradley PhD Candidate, School of Cybernetics, Research Assistant, School of Cybernetics 3A
Ms Maureen Brauers Research Officer
+61 2 612 51740
Philipp Braun Research Fellow
Ms Ellen Broad Senior Fellow, 3A Institute
Dr Tim Brook Honorary Lecturer
Miss Susan Brown Student Admin Assistant Computing Administration
Ms Paige Brown School Administrator
+61 6125 5411
Kieran Browne PhD Candidate
Dr Kiara Bruggeman Lecturer
Anh Bui PhD Candidate
Dr Minh Bui Fellow ,
If you are comp1730/6730 student, email, Otherwise your emails won't be answered.
Mr Mark Burgess Postdoctoral Fellow
Miss Anila Sahar Butt PhD Student
+61 2 612 53434
Eric Byler Service Coordinator – Marketing and Communication Marketing and Communications
Assoc Professor Tiberio Caetano Honorary Visiting Fellow
Mr Zixian Cai PhD Student, Research Assistant
Anna Cain PhD Candidate
Dr Sabrina Caldwell Lecturer
Sarah Callinan Student ambassador
Mr Robin Candy PhD Student
+61 2 6125 3890
Ms Ting Cao PhD Student
Miss Yue Cao PhD Candidate
Dr Nicholas Car Honorary Lecturer
0477 560 177
Mr Peter Carr PhD Student
Dr Andre Carvalho Postdoctoral Fellow
Kevin Carvolth Technical staff
Mr Colin Carvolth Teaching and Research Technical Support Officer, Technical Maintenance and Operations Officer , , ,
Professor Kylie Catchpole Professor, Deputy Director, School of Engineering ,
Mr Elliot Catt PhD Candidate ,
Dr Silvio Cesare Honorary Senior Lecturer
Mr Daniel Heonki Chae PhD Student
Tom Chan Research Assistant 3A
Mrs Pip Chan Service Coordinator - Grants
Mr Hing Lun (Joseph) Chan PhD Student , ,
+61 2 6267 6200
Xinyuan Chao PhD Candidate
Oceane Chapel Project Officer Business Development
02 6125 0158 , 0436 949 049
Mr Michael Chapman Project Student
+61 2 612 55136
Mr James Charters PhD Student ,
Dr Sid Chau Senior Lecturer , ,
Miss Jieshan Chen PhD Candidate
Mr Yitian Chen PhD Student
Hongjun Chen Postdoctoral Fellow ,
+61 2 6125 8476
Lu Chen PhD Student


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