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973 person

Namesort descending Position Area Email / Phone
Dr Warren Jin Adjunct Fellow Human-Centred Computing warren.jin@csiro.au
Dr Lynette Johns-Boast SFHEA Lecturer Software Engineering lynette.johns-boast@anu.edu.au
+61 2 6125 4526
Assoc Professor Chris Johnson Honorary Associate Professor Software Engineering Chris.Johnson@anu.edu.au
+61 2 6125 4506
Mr Beau Johnston PhD Student High Performance Computing beau.johnston@anu.edu.au
Mr Christopher Jones Research Officer Photovoltaics christopher.jones@anu.edu.au
+61 2 612 57450
Dr Richard Jones Visiting Fellow Human-Centred Computing richard.jones@cs.anu.edu.au
+61 2 612 54506
Mr Max Jones Honours Intelligent Agents u5806183@anu.edu.au
Mr Timothy Lee Jones PhD Student Computational Mechanics tim.jones@cs.anu.edu.au
Mr Mohammadreza Jooyandeh External PhD Student Algorithms mohammadreza.jooyandeh@anu.edu.au
Dr Fredrik Kahl School Visitor Computer Vision u4097832@anu.edu.au
Mr Neil Kaines Technical Services Manager Technical Services neil.kaines@anu.edu.au
+61 2 6125 5682
Dr Shankar Kalyanasundaram Associate Professor Computational Mechanics shankar.kalyanasundaram@anu.edu.au
+61 2 612 58369
Ms Tahseen Kamal PhD Student, College Representative, PARSA Optical Devices, Signal Processing, Biomaterials tahseen.kamal@anu.edu.au
Mr Parameswaran Kamalaruban PhD student Machine Learning pkamalaruban@gmail.com
Mr Dmitry Kamenetsky Alumni Machine Learning dmitry.kamenetsky@rsise.anu.edu.au
Mr Dartha Kathirgamarajah Education Governance Officer Student Services u4600159@anu.edu.au
+612 6125 8309
Zebedee Kee PhD Student Solar Thermal u5277975@anu.edu.au
Ms Elena Kelareva Alumni Planning and Optimisation elena.kelareva@nicta.com.au
Christopher Kellett Campus Visitor u5597618@anu.edu.au
Professor Rod Kennedy Professor Signal Processing rodney.kennedy@anu.edu.au
Mr Milad KETAB Ghali Haji Ali PhD student Logic u5711205@anu.edu.au
Dr Rajab Khalilpour Research Collaborator Rajab.Khalilpour@anu.edu.au
Dr Salman Khan Adjunct Lecturer Computer Vision salman.khan@anu.edu.au
Arbaz Khan Student Ambassador u5351150@anu.edu.au
Mr Asaduzzaman Khandaker PhD Student Communications asaduzzaman.khandaker@anu.edu.au
+61 2 612 54416
Mrs Noha Khattab Occupational Trainee Computer Vision, Machine Learning u1032352@anu.edu.au
Mr Teng Kho Research Officer Photovoltaics teng.kho@anu.edu.au
+61 2 612 57208
Dr Alexei Khorev Associate Lecturer Teaching Staff alexei.khorev@anu.edu.au
+61 2 612 53003
Mr Ali Reza Khoshkbar PhD Student High Performance Computing u5270083@anu.edu.au
Mr Alireza Khosravian PhD Graduate, Current: Post-doc Research Associate, University of Adelaide Robotics alireza.khosravian@adelaide.edu.au
Dr Phil Kilby Honorary Associate Professor Planning and Optimisation Philip.Kilby@nicta.com.au
6267 6309
Mr Soohwan Kim PhD Student Robotics soohwan.kim@anu.edu.au
Minkyoung Kim PhD Candidate Data Mining & Matching minkyoung.kim@anu.edu.au
Jaewon Kim PhD Candidate Human-Centred Computing jaewon.kim@anu.edu.au
+61 2 6125 9662
Dr Jon Kim Senior Lecturer Networked Systems, Robotics jonghyuk.kim@anu.edu.au
+61 2 612 58682
Dr Dongwoo Kim Research Fellow Machine Learning Dongwoo.Kim@anu.edu.au
+61 2 6125 7709
Mr Shamin Kinathil PhD student Machine Learning shamin.kinathil@anu.edu.au
Mr Julian Knowles Honours Student u5591995@anu.edu.au
Mr Quyu Kong Honours Student Human-Centred Computing u5862608@anu.edu.au
Dr Piotr Koniusz Honorary Lecturer Computer Vision, Robotics name.surname@nicta.com.au
Mr Abbas Koohian PhD Student Communications u4147169@anu.edu.au
Mr Harry Korres WHS Consultant Human Resource, OHS Haralambos.Korres@anu.edu.au
02 612 56514
Prof Marcus Kracht Campus Visitor Logic marcus.kracht@uni-bielefeld.de
Mr Simon Kravis Campus Visitor u1557774@anu.edu.au
Dr Peter Kreider Research Fellow Solar Thermal, Energy Storage, Nanomaterials, Composite Materials Peter.Kreider@anu.edu.au
+61 2 612 52821
Frits Kuipers Occupational Trainee Robotics u1006523@anu.edu.au
Mavineet Kumar 4th Year Student Photovoltaics u4843215@anu.edu.au
Dr Apurv Kumar Research Fellow Solar Thermal apurv.kumar@anu.edu.au
+61 2 6125 0158
Mr Vivek Kumar PhD Student High Performance Computing vivek.kumar@anu.edu.au
Suryansh Kumar PhD Student Computer Vision u5875683@anu.edu.au


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