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1231 person

Namesort ascending Position Area Email / Phone
Mr Bo Wang PhD Student Solar Thermal
Mr Daniel Walter Research Fellow Photovoltaics
Mr Richard Walker
Dr Liam Waldron Senior Lecturer
Professor Michael Wagner Honorary Professor Human-Centred Computing
Priscilla Wadham Executive Assistant Deans office
+61 2 6125 3697
Mr Brendan Voss PhD Candidate Manufacturing
Dr Igor Vladimirov Fellow / Senior Research Associate Quantum Cybernetics
Ms Karen Vitler HR Consultant
+61 2 6125 1293
Mr Anushka Isuru Vidanage PhD Student Data Mining & Matching
Rajith Vidanaarachchi Data Mining & Matching
+61 2 619 70112
Mr Byron Vickers Business Analyst -- Systems and Development Deans office
Ms Florrie Verity MPhil Logic
Dr Mahesh Venkataraman Research Fellow Solar Thermal, Energy Storage
Scott Vella PhD Candidate
Dr Beatriz Velasco Work Health Safety Officer Engineering Administration, OHS
+61 2 6125 0554, 0438 267 722,
+61 2 6125 0554, 0438 267 722
Dr Dinusha Vatsalan Honorary Lecturer (Level B) Data Mining & Matching
Professor Anthony Vassallo Interim Research Leader
Mr Anish Varghese PhD Candidate High Performance Computing
+61 2 6125 8492
Gabrielle Vannithone Executive Assistant to 3A Institute Director, Institute Administrator, 3A Institute 3A
+61 2 6125 8551
Irmagard van Rensburg Deans office
Professor Pascal van Hentenryck Honorary Professor Planning and Optimisation
Pieter van Goor PhD Student Robotics, Computer Vision
Dr Menkes van den Briel Honorary Lecturer Planning and Optimisation
02 6267 6310
Ms. Sirintra Vaiwsri PhD Student Data Mining & Matching
Ms Reetika Vadgaonkar Marketing Officer Marketing
+61 2 6125 5689
Mr Avinash Upadhya PhD Student Optical Devices, Signal Processing
Mr David Tychsen-Smith Design Engineer & Fabrication Facility Coordinator Technical Services
Mr Mark Randall Turner PhD Student Part-time Robotics
+61 2 6125 1768
Assoc Professor Takuya Tsuzuki Associate Professor, Associate Director (Research) Nanomaterials, Energy Storage, Composite Materials, Biomaterials
+61 (0)2 612 59296
Dr George Tsekouras Research Fellow
+61 2 6125 7543
Mr Wayne Tsai Honours High Performance Computing
Mr Thien Truong PhD Candidate Photovoltaics, Micro & Nano Systems
Assoc Professor Jochen Trumpf Reader Computer Vision, Robotics
+61 2 6125 8677
Dr Andrew Tridgell Honorary Lecturer High Performance Computing
+61 2 6125 6307
Associate Professor Antonio Tricoli Group Leader, Nanotechnology Research Laboratory Nanomaterials, Energy Storage, Sensors, Biomaterials, Micro & Nano Systems, Optical Devices, Solar Thermal, Manufacturing
+61 (0)2 612 51696
Dr Felipe Trevizan Lecturer Machine Learning, Planning and Optimisation
Mr Alasdair Tran PhD Student, Tutor Machine Learning
Mr Sam Toyer CodeBench Software Developer Machine Learning
Dr Juan Felipe Torres Research Fellow Solar Thermal, Energy Storage, Nanomaterials, Micro & Nano Systems
+61 (02) 612 53801
Mr Xing Tong Occupational Trainee Composite Materials
Taffy Tong Research Fellow Photovoltaics
Mr Kim To Honours Student Logic
+61 2 6125 1771
Mukesh Tiwari PhD Student Logic
+61 2 6125 1771
Dr Alwen Tiu Senior Lecturer Logic
+61 2 612 53666
Fang Tian
Mr Jimmy Thomson PhD Student Logic
Mr Owen Thomas Alumni Machine Learning
Michael Thomas
Miss Rebbecca Thien PhD Candidate


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