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1077 person

Namesort descending Position Area Email / Phone
Professor Jiuxin Cao Campus Visitor jx.cao@seu.edu.cn
Ms Ting Cao Planning and Optimisation ting.cao@anu.edu.au
Mr Peter Carr PhD Student Computer Vision peter.carr@cecs.anu.edu.au
Dr Andre Carvalho Postdoctoral Fellow Quantum Cybernetics andre.carvalho@anu.edu.au
Jack Casey School Visitor u1058510@anu.edu.au
Professor Kylie Catchpole Professor Photovoltaics, Energy Storage kylie.catchpole@anu.edu.au
+61 2 612 50874
Mr Elliot Catt PhD Candidate Intelligent Agents, Logic elliot.carpentercatt@anu.edu.au
Mr Nicola Cattabiani Occupational Trainee Nanomaterials u1032046@anu.edu.au
Miss Arianna Cembran PhD Student u6503953@anu.edu.au
Mr Kenny Cen Research Assistant Biomaterials u4673873@anu.edu.au
Mr Daniel Heonki Chae PhD Student Signal Processing daniel.chae@anu.edu.au
Ms Vasanta Chaganti PhD Student Signal Processing vasanta.chaganti@anu.edu.au
+61 2 6267 6260
Mr Yuan Chai Mphil Student Computational Mechanics u5763685@anu.edu.au
Mr Hing Lun (Joseph) Chan PhD Student Machine Learning Joseph.chan@nicta.com.au
+61 2 6267 6200
Mr Michael Chapman Project Student High Performance Computing u4315216@anu.edu.au
+61 2 612 55136
Mr James Charters PhD Student Computer Vision, Machine Learning james.charters@anu.edu.au
Dr Sid Chau Academic Staff Energy Storage, Algorithms, Planning and Optimisation, Networked Systems sid.chau@anu.edu.au
Samantha Cheah PhD Student Photovoltaics u5024385@anu.edu.au
Mengyu Chen Honours Student u6013662@anu.edu.au
Cheng Chen u5969643@anu.edu.au
Lu Chen PhD Student Computational Mechanics u5249139@anu.edu.au
Hongjun Chen Postdoctoral Fellow Nanomaterials, Energy Storage u1020039@anu.edu.au
+61 2 6125 8476
Mr Baichen Chen PhD Student Algorithms baichen@cs.anu.edu.au
Mr Song Chen PhD student Computational Mechanics song.chen@anu.edu.au
+61 2 612 70145
Hongjun Chen Research Fellow Nanomaterials u1020039@anu.edu.au
+61 2 6125 8476
Dr Hanchi Chen Research Fellow Acoustics and Audio hanchi.chen@anu.edu.au
Mr Zihan Chen Campus Visitor Networked Systems u1041096@anu.edu.au
Ms Lu Chen u5486612@anu.edu.au
Mr Wayne Chen PhD student Networked Systems, Robotics wayne.chen@anu.edu.au
Mr Dawei Chen PhD student Machine Learning u5708856@anu.edu.au
Dr Jason Chen Technical Officer Technical Services u9712720@anu.edu.au
Ms Lyndsey Chen-Yang Student Administrator Student Services lyndsey.chen-yang@anu.edu.au
+61 2 6125 1939
Mr. Cheng Cheng PhD Candidate Energy Storage u5447053@anu.edu.au
, Cheng.Cheng1@anu.edu.au
Xuelian Cheng Occupational Trainee Computer Vision u1050994@anu.edu.au
Mr Zesheng Cheng Summer Scholar u5072689@anu.edu.au
Mr Vincent Cheng PhD Student Computer Vision u6098305@anu.edu.au
Mr Jiaji Cheng Occupational Trainee Computational Mechanics, Composite Materials, Manufacturing u1011749@anu.edu.au
Jiaji Cheng Campus visitor Computational Mechanics u1011749@anu.edu.au
Zi Cheo 4th Year Student Photovoltaics u4699207@anu.edu.au
Mr Ali Cheraghian PhD Student u5942646@anu.edu.au
Patrick Chieppe Phd Student u5333226@anu.edu.au
Mr Michael Chisholm Project Student Knowledge Representation & Reasoning u4212270@anu.edu.au
Mr Chris Chow PhD student Human-Centred Computing christopher.chow@anu.edu.au
+61 2 612 53890
Mr Arif Chowdhury PhD Student Computer Vision, Robotics u6265553@anu.edu.au
+61 416 311 043
Professor Peter Christen Professor Data Mining & Matching peter.christen@anu.edu.au
+61 2 612 55690
Mr Cody Christopher PhD Candidate Planning and Optimisation cody.christopher@anu.edu.au
Mr Jae Yong Chung PhD Student Human-Centred Computing u4374361@anu.edu.au
Mrs Nathalie Ciampa HR Consultant Human Resource nathalie.ciampa@anu.edu.au
02 612 58814
Mr Christopher Claoue-Long Honours Intelligent Agents u5183532@anu.edu.au
Roger Clarke Visiting Professor Human-Centred Computing Roger.Clarke@xamax.com.au


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