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1027 person

Namesort descending Position Area Email / Phone
Mr Mengbin (Ben) Ye PhD Student Networked Systems mengbin.ye@anu.edu.au
Mr Haolei Ye Master student, Honours student High Performance Computing u5870415@anu.edu.au
Joyce Yeoh PhD Candidate Nanomaterials, Energy Storage joyce.yeoh@anu.edu.au
Ms Rani Yesudas PhD Student Human-Centred Computing rani.yesudas@anu.edu.au
Mr Leo Yiliqi U/grad using Lab Robotics ylur001@gmail.com
Hidehiro Yonezawa Visitor u1022983@anu.edu.au
Dr Shaodi You Senior Research Scientist, Senior Honorary Lecturer Computer Vision, Robotics, Machine Learning shaodi.you@anu.edu.au
, shaodi.you@data61.csiro.au
Ms Natalie Young Deputy Manager - CECS Student Services Student Services natalie.young@anu.edu.au
Prof. Brad Yu OFF CAMPUS Networked Systems Brad.Yu@anu.edu.au
ext 58670
Mr Fisher Yu PhD Student Signal Processing ming.yu@anu.edu.au
Mr Honglin Yu Alumni Machine Learning u4975468@anu.edu.au
Cheng Yu Honours student Software Engineering u5532864@anu.edu.au
Dr Xin Yu xin.yu@anu.edu.au
Mengchen Yu Honours student u5930159@anu.edu.au
Mr Hang Yuan Occupational Trainee Communications u1048166@anu.edu.au
Lindsey Yue PhD Candidate Solar Thermal lindsey.yue@anu.edu.au
Ghodai Zaki Phd Student eng.ghady_mohammad@hotmail.com
Mr Pavel Zakopaylo Summer Scholar, Research Assistant Programming Languages, Design & Implementation u6055204@anu.edu.au
Ms Zahra Zamani Alumni Machine Learning zahra.zamani@anu.edu.au
Mr Mohammad Zamani PhD Student Computer Vision mohammad.zamani@anu.edu.au
Ms Tijana Zec HR Consultant Human Resource Tijana.zec@anu.edu.au
02 612 51293
Dr Yuheng Zeng Visiting Fellow Photovoltaics u1000619@anu.edu.au
Mr Tony Zeng PhD Candidate High Performance Computing xuezhi.zeng@anu.edu.au
Haoyu Zhai Honours Student u6489280@anu.edu.au
Mr Peng Zhang PhD student Knowledge Representation & Reasoning u4969566@anu.edu.au
+61 2 6125 8833
Mr Xi Zhang Occupational Trainee Communications u5331172@anu.edu.au
Ximing Zhang Occupational Trainee Computer Vision u1012905@anu.edu.au
Dr Wen Zhang Honorary Senior Lecturer Acoustics and Audio wen.zhang@anu.edu.au
Mr Rui Zhang Masters Student Logic u5963436@anu.edu.au
Mr Jiabin (John) Zhang Research Assistant High Performance Computing u5157779@anu.edu.au
Mr Zewei Zhang PhD Student Computational Mechanics zewei.zhang@anu.edu.au
Mr Kaihao Zhang PhD Student Computer Vision u6087377@anu.edu.au
Mr Fanlu Zhang PhD student Micro & Nano Systems u6014361@anu.edu.au
Ms Shuang Zhang PhD Candidate Computational Mechanics shuang.zhang@anu.edu.au
Ms Jihui (Aimee) Zhang PhD student Acoustics and Audio, Signal Processing jihui.zhang@anu.edu.au
Mr Guoqing Zhang Occupational Trainee u1011802@anu.edu.au
Mr Fan Zhang Occupational Trainee Nanomaterials, Energy Storage zhang_fan2003@126.com
Jun Zhang PhD Student u5774563@anu.edu.au
Mr Haoyang Zhang PhD Student Computer Vision u5480328@anu.edu.au
Ms Jing Zhang Occupational Trainee u1031665@anu.edu.au
Shaojun Zhang PhD Student u6344422@anu.edu.au
Ms Miranda Zhang PhD Student High Performance Computing miranda.zhang@anu.edu.au
Mr Boyu Zhang Honours Student Databases u6015313@anu.edu.au
Mr Ximing Zhang Occupational Trainee Computer Vision u1012905@anu.edu.au
Mr Hongguang Zhang PhD Student u6027953@anu.edu.au
Fan Zhang Campus Visitor Nanomaterials u5663822@anu.edu.au
Mr Hongbo Zhang Summer Research intern Programming Languages, Design & Implementation u6170245@anu.edu.au
Mr Libo Zhang Occupational Trainee Machine Learning zhanglb@smail.nju.edu.cn
+61 2 6125 1771
Mr Jianqi Zhao PhD Student Communications u5243252@anu.edu.au
Dehai Zhao PhD Student u6555256@anu.edu.au


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