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387 person

Namesort descending Position Area Email / Phone
Mr Avinash Upadhya PhD Student Optical Devices, Signal Processing
Ms. Sirintra Vaiwsri PhD Student Data Mining & Matching
Pieter van Goor PhD Student Robotics, Computer Vision
Rajith Vidanaarachchi Data Mining & Matching
Mr Anushka Vidanage PhD Candidate Data Mining & Matching
Mr Robin Vlieger Phd Candidate
Yifu Wang PhD Student Robotics
Yiran Wang MPhil Student Communications
Miss Ziwei Wang PhD Researcher
Mr Shuang Wang PhD Candidate Solar Thermal
Mr Lei Wang PhD Student Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Robotics
Mr Tianyu Wang Research Assistant
Mr Wei Wang Visitor, PhD candidate Machine Learning
Mr Song Wang PhD Candidate Computer Vision
61 2 6267 6285
Mr Han Wang Honours Student
+61 2 6125 1771
Mr Kunshan Wang PhD Student Programming Language Systems
Mr Shi Wang PhD Student Quantum Cybernetics
Mr Bowen Wang PhD Candidate
Zhuang Wang PhD Student
Mr Nan Wang PhD Candidate Energy Storage, Planning and Optimisation, Algorithms, Networked Systems
Yicheng Wang
Mr Tao Wang PhD Student Computer Vision
02 6267 6285
Mr Zhu WANG PhD Candidate Photovoltaics
Mr. Weiyou Wang PhD Student Logic
Zhirui Wang PhD student
Ms Fang Wang PhD Candidate Computer Vision
+61 2 6267 6289
Mr Tobias Wangberg Occupational Trainee
Anuradha Sanjeewa Wickramarachchi PhD Candidate
Asiri Wijesinghe PhD Candidate Machine Learning
Mr William Wong Postgraduate Student Nanomaterials
+61 2 6125 3785
Minchao Wu PhD Student Logic
You Wu
Mr Xiaoming Wu PhD Candidate
Mr Qizheng Wu Honours Student
Ms Huiting Wu PhD Student
Mr Oliver Xi Honours Student Data Mining & Matching, Machine Learning
Yu Xia Honours Student
Chenchen Xu PhD Student
Mr Qiongkai Xu PhD Student Machine Learning
Mr Zhiwei Xu PhD Student Computer Vision
Tienan Xu PhD Candidate
Mr Cheng Xue PhD Candidate Knowledge Representation & Reasoning
Haotian Xue Honours Student
Hansheng Xue PhD Candidate Machine Learning
Longfei Yan PhD Candidate Audio & Acoustic Signal Processing
Michael Yang PhD Student
Zhongshu Yang PhD Student Photovoltaics
Linhan Yang Honours Student
Mr Jiayu Yang Mphil
Haodong Yao PhD Student


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