Professor Rajeev Gore

I obtained my PhD from the Computer Laboratory of the University of Cambridge in 1992. Before that I completed my BSc (hons) and MSc at the Unviversity of Melbourne.

My main interests are in Gentzen systems for various logics, particularly modal logics and temporal logics. Currently I am working on the intricacies of Display Logic and how to obtain Gentzen systems for hybrid logics like intuitionistic modal logic. With Jeremy Dawson, I am working on formalising proofs of weak and strong normalisation for various calculi in the logical framework Isabelle. With Vaughan Coulthard, Jen Davoren and Thomas Moor I am working on inventing bi-modal tense logics with applications in hybrid systems. I am also interested in software engineering and security aspects of Java applications, particularly for JavaCards.

Daniel Alarcon

Mr Daniel Alarcon »

PhD Student

Ms Caitlin D'Abrera »

PhD Student

Mr Luke English »

Masters Student

Ian Shillito »

PhD Student

Minchao Wu »

PhD Student

COMP8000 series courses
Code Title Year 20.. Semester
COMP8670 Advanced Topics in Logic and C... 17 S2
COMP4000 series courses
Code Title Year 20.. Semester
COMP4630 Advanced Topics in Logic and C... 17, 19 S2

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