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Pascal Bercher
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PhD under my supervision

You find a detailed list of my teaching activities on my personal website.

I am almost exclusively working in automated planning, one of the main disciplines of Artificial Intelligence.

I am primarily interested in Hierarchical Task Network (HTN) planning, which is a hierachical approach to planning, where tasks are refined step-wise until a primitive executable plan is obtained. Closely related is the problem class of HTN planning with task insertion (TIHTN planning), where we are also allowed to insert actions arbitrarily thus combining HTN planning with classical planning. (I also created a website on hierarchical planning.)

I'm also interested in partial order causal link (POCL) planning, a planning approach based on search in the space of plans. Here, reasoning about partially ordered actions become of major importance.

Within all these frameworks, research questions/areas that I'm mostly interested in are:

  • Complexity investigations, specificlally for the plan existence problem (Is there a solution?)
  • Heuristic search, i.e., algorithm and heuristic design.

You can also find me on Google Scholar and in DBLP

Detailed lists of my publications, sorted by publication venue, can be found on my personal website.

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You find all my honours and awards on my personal website.

You find all my service roles (past and present) listed on my personal webpage.
But since it's "important", let me mention here that since November 2021 I am:

  • A first aider for the Hanna Neumann building
  • I'm also a mental first aider (technically also for Hanna Neumann, but everybody can approach me of course)

On my personal website, you can find:

  • Resources for students, e.g., LaTeX slides template, presentations about creating slides and project reports, paper recommendations, and much more.
  • Course Material, e.g., slides or video recordings.
  • Some (non-professional) entertaining links, like (fun!) educational youtube channels, comics with academic context etc.

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