Juan Felipe Torres

Dr Torres' research interests are sustainable heat and mass transfer phenomena with focus on energy, environmental and life sciences applications. His background mainly lies in Japan where he lived for 12 years and obtained his undergraduate and post-graduate education with a prestigious Japanese Government (MEXT) scholarship. Dr Torres held a distinguished Japan Society for Promotion of Science (JSPS) Fellowship and was awarded doctoral degrees from Tohoku University, Japan, and Ecole Centrale de Lyon, France (separate examinations with joint thesis). After holding a permanent Research Scientist position at Toshiba Corporation for 2.5 years, he decided to move to Australia and pursue an academic career. Dr Torres has been a Research Fellow at the ANU since August 2016.

Dr Torres has established new research streams at the College of Engineering and Computer Science, including solar-driven desalination (as Lead Chief Investigator), hydrogen storage (as Chief Investigator), and high-temperature sunlight absorber coatings (as de facto Chief Investigator). Dr Torres has authored more than 25 peer-reviewed journal papers in top-tier journals and four filed patent applications, including two awarded US patents. Most of his publications relate to transport phenomena (fluid mechanics, heat and mass transfer), with recent emphasis on energy materials.


2014  Doctoral Degree
Mechanical, Energy, Civil Engineering and Acoustics, Ecole Centrale de Lyon, France

2014  Doctor of Philosophy (Engineering)
Mechanical Systems and Design, Tohoku University, Japan

2011  Master of Engineering
Mechanical Systems and Design, Tohoku University, Japan

2009  Bachelor of Engineering
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Tohoku University, Japan


Work Experience

2016-pres. Research Fellow, ANU College of Engineering and Computer Science, ANU

2014-2016  Research Scientist, Research and Development Center, Toshiba Corporation, Japan

2013-2014  Research Fellow, Tohoku University, Japan Society for the Promotion of Science, Japan

2010-2013  Research Assistant, Institute of Fluid Science, Tohoku University, Japan


ENGN3224 -- Fluid Mechanics and Heat Transfer, Lecturer (2018, 2019, 2020)

Journal publications (peer-reviewed)

Google ScholarResearch Gate


  1. S Rahman, JF Torres, AR Khan, Y Lu. Recent Developments in van der Waals Antiferromagnetic 2D Materials: Synthesis, Characterization, and Device ImplementationACS Nano 15, 17175 (2021)
  2. Y Fan, Y Zhao, JF Torres, F Xu, C Lei, Y Li, J Carmeliet. Natural convection over vertical and horizontal heated flat surfaces: A review of recent progress focusing on underpinnings and implications for heat transfer and environmental applicationsPhysics of Fluids 33, 101301 (2021)
  3. N Ogasawara, JF Torres (co-first author), Y Kanda, T Kogawa. A Komiya. Resonance-driven heat transfer enhancement in a natural convection boundary layer perturbed by a moderate impinging jetPhysical Review Fluids 6, L061501 (2021)
  4. Y Zhu, B Wang, Z Li, J Zhang, Y Tang, JF Torres, W Lipiński, L Fu, Y Lu. A High‐Efficiency Wavelength‐Tunable Monolayer LED with Hybrid Continuous‐Pulsed InjectionAdvanced Materials, 2101375 (2021)
  5. X Wang, U Djakovic, H Bao, JF TorresExperimental evaluation of heat transfer performance under natural and forced convection around a phase change material encapsulated in various shapesSustainable Energy Technologies and Assessments 44, 101025 (2021)
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  7. H Zhai, JF Torres, Y Zhao, F Xu. Transition from steady to chaotic flow of natural convection on a section-triangular roofPhysical Review Fluids 6, 013502 (2021)
  8. X Kang, I Di Bernardo, H Yang, JF Torres, L Zhang. Metal–organic framework microdomains in 3D conductive host as polysulfide inhibitor for fast, long-cycle Li–S batteriesApplied Surface Science 535, 147680 (2021)


  9. JF Torres, Y Zhao, S Xu, Z Li, A Komiya. Optical method for simultaneous high-resolution measurement of heat and fluid flow: the case of Rayleigh-Bénard convectionPhysical Review Applied 14, 054038 (2020)
  10. L Zhang, Y Tang, AR Khan, MM Hasan, P Wang, H Yan, T Yildirim, JF Torres, GP Neupane, Y Zhang, Q Li, Y Lu. 2D materials and heterostructures at extreme pressureAdvanced Science, 2002697 (2020)
  11. JF Torres, I Ellis, J Coventry. Degradation mechanisms and non-linear thermal cycling effects in a high-temperature light-absorber coatingSolar Energy Materials and Solar Cells 218, 110719 (2020)
  12. B Liu, M Taheri, JF Torres, Z Fusco, T Lu, Y Liu, T Tsuzuki, G Yu, A Tricoli. Janus conductive/insulating microporous ion-sieving membranes for stable Li–S batteries, ACS Nano 1413852 (2020)
  13. F Ghanadi, JF Torres, M Arjomandi, J Pye. Flow structure and convective heat transfer in a bladed structure under wind conditionsInternational Journal of Heat and Fluid Flow 85, 108676 (2020)
  14. E Abbasi-Shavazi, JF Torres, G Hughes, J Pye. Experimental correlation of natural convection losses from a scale-model solar cavity receiver with non-isothermal surface temperature distributionSolar Energy 198, 355 (2020)
  15. JF Torres, F Ghanadi, Y Wang, M Arjomandi, J Pye. Mixed convection and radiation from an isothermal bladed structureInternational Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer 147, 118906 (2020)


  16. E Chen, X Wu, Y Zhao, E Hu, JF Torres. Scaling up capacity of stand-alone adsorption refrigeration tubesResults in Engineering 4, 100066 (2019)
  17. Y Zhao, P Zhao, Y Liu, Y Xu, JF Torres. On the selection of perturbations for thermal boundary layer controlPhysics of Fluids 31, 104102 (2019)
  18. J Fang, N Tu, JF Torres, J Wei, J Pye. Numerical investigation of the natural convective heat loss of a solar central cavity receiver with air curtain, Applied Thermal Engineering 152, 147 (2019)


  19. JF Torres, F Ghanadi, I Nock, M Arjomandi, J Pye. Mixed convection around a tilted cuboid with an isothermal sidewall at moderate Reynolds numbers, International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer 119, 418 (2018)


  20. JF Torres, D Henry, A Komiya, S Maruyama. Transition from multiplicity to singularity of steady natural convection in a tilted cubical enclosure, Physical Review E 92, 023031 (2015)
  21. JF Torres, D Henry, A Komiya, S Maruyama. Bifurcation analysis of steady natural convection in a tilted cubical cavity with adiabatic sidewalls, Journal of Fluid Mechanics 756, 650 (2014)
  22. JF Torres, D Henry, A Komiya, S Maruyama, HB Hadid. Three-dimensional continuation study of convection in a tilted rectangular enclosure, Physical Review E 88, 043015 (2013)
  23. JF Torres, A Komiya, D Henry, S Maruyama. Measurement of Soret and Fickian diffusion coefficients by orthogonal phase-shifting interferometry and its application to protein aqueous solutions, Journal of Chemical Physics 139, 074203 (2013)


  24. JF Torres, A Komiya, E Shoji, J Okajima, S Maruyama. Development of phase-shifting interferometry for measurement of isothermal diffusion coefficients in binary solutions, Optics and Lasers in Engineering 50, 1287 (2012)
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  26. A Komiya, JF Torres, S Maruyama. Measurement of mass diffusion coefficient of multi-component system in aqueous media by phase-shifting interferometer, Defect and Diffusion Forum 297–301, 624 (2010)


  1. K Tsuda, JF Torres, Y Murakami, Y Guo. Improvements to light absorbing surfaces, Australia: 2021-902084, filed in 2021.
  2. JF Torres, H Kano, M Shiratsuchi, S Tatsuta. Thermal laser stimulation apparatus, method of thermally stimulating, and program, US Patent 10,359,468 (2019)
  3. JF Torres, T Jimbo. Medical data processing apparatus, method, and program, Japan: 2016-011108, filed in 2016 – application withdrawn
  4. JF Torres, K Matsuoka. Apparatus and method for detecting faults in multilayer semiconductors, US Patent 10,359,468 (2018)

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PhD Candidate

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PhD Student

Razon Kumar Mondal »

PhD Candidate

Shuqi Xu »


Distinguished Awards

2017  Scientific Contribution Award – Heat Transfer Society of Japan
2015  Distinguished Referee Award – European Physical Journal
2014  Presidential Prize for Excellence, highest recognition for PhD thesis – Tohoku University

Presentation Awards

2013  Best Poster Award – Annual ELyT Laboratory Workshop, Japan
2012  Outstanding Award – International Young Researchers Seminar on Flow Dynamics, Japan
2012  Best Poster Award – International Meeting on Thermodiffusion, Belgium
2011  Outstanding Award – International Young Researchers Seminar on Flow Dynamics, Japan
2011  Outstanding Presentation Award – National Heat Transfer Symposium, Japan
2009  Best Presentation Award – Japan Symposium on Thermophysical Properties, Japan

Scholarships & Fellowships

2013  Research Fellowship for Young Scientists – Japan Society for the Promotion of Science
2009  Japanese Government (MEXT) Scholarship for Master Course – Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology
2004  Japanese Government (MEXT) Scholarship for Undergraduate Course – Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology

ENGN3100 -- Practical Experience, Course Convener  (2019)

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