Dr Joe Coventry

Senior Research Fellow
Research Area:
+61 2 612 52643

Dr Coventry is an engineer experienced in development and commercialisation of solar technologies. His expertise is in the field of concentrating solar systems, both concentrating photovoltaics (CPV) and concentrating solar thermal (CST). Dr Coventry's present research aim is to advance knowledge and develop technologies with high impact on the competitiveness of CST. Dr Coventry has worked as a researcher at ANU since 2013, and prior, he was the Principal Engineer at Wizard Power, and led the engineering team and development of the Big Dish CSP technology since the company was established in 2005. Dr Coventry holds a BE/BSc from the University of Melbourne (1997), and a PhD from the Australian National University (2004).

Research interests are in the fields of energy systems, heat transfer, thermodynamics, materials and systems engineering, with application to concentrating solar thermal topics including heliostat cost reduction, high-temperature receivers (including sodium receivers) molten salt energy storage, mirror inspection and optical coatings.

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