Professor Bob Williamson

I am the leader of the Machine Learning research group in NICTA.

My research is focussed on Machine Learning. For details see my home page.

Research Description

Machine learning is about recognising patterns in data. Anything can be conceived and recognised as a pattern. So for example we can recognise voices or handwriting, or identify a contaminant in the environment.

Bob Williamson teaches and researches the field of machine learning. However, unlike other machine learning researchers who usually work on one individual data problem, Bob's research interests in the field have expanded beyond this. He says that machine learning is becoming increasingly important because we have increasing amounts of data to deal with. The problem at the moment is that we don't have the basic tools to make sense of it in a manner that is easy to use, so Bob wants to standardise the process. He believes that once this is done machine learning will become an engineering discipline that has the power to contribute enormously to almost every area of human endeavour.

Research Outline

"I study machine learning which involves using computers to learn patterns in data. Machine learning is now very widely used. I primarily study the theory of machine learning, looking at questions such as how reliable a conclusion can you draw from a given amount of data."

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COMP2000 series courses
Code Title Year 20.. Semester
COMP2610 Information Theory 18, 19, 20, 21 S2
COMP6000 series courses
Code Title Year 20.. Semester
COMP6261 Information Theory 18, 19, 20, 21 S2

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