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1051 person

Namesort descending Position Area Email / Phone
Mr Nima A. Zanjani PhD Candidate, Research supervisor, Lecturer, tutor and lab demonstrator Computational Mechanics nima.akhavan@anu.edu.au
+61 2 6125 0506
Mr Ehsan Abbasi PhD Candidate Solar Thermal ehsan.abbasi@anu.edu.au
Mr Mohammad Abdulaziz Alumni Logic, Planning and Optimisation u5283270@anu.edu.au
Mr Dinuka Abeywardena visiting PhD student Robotics u5603511@anu.edu.au
Professor Thushara Abhayapala Deputy Dean, CECS and Professor, RSEng Acoustics and Audio Thushara.Abhayapala@anu.edu.au
+61 2 612 57089, +61 2 612 58683
Dr Neda Aboutorab Research Fellow Signal Processing neda.aboutorab@anu.edu.au
+61 2 612 51478
Mr Zohair Abu Shaban PhD Student, Graduate Tutor Signal Processing zohair.abushaban@anu.edu.au
Mr Juan David Adarve PhD Candidate Robotics juan.adarve@anu.edu.au
Mr Matt Adcock Honorary Lecturer Human-Centred Computing Matt.Adcock@csiro.au
Mr Khurrum Aftab PhD Student Computer Vision khurrum.aftab@anu.edu.au
Mr Thalaiyasingam Ajanthan PhD Student Computer Vision u5478870@anu.edu.au
Mr Noman Akbar PhD Student Communications u5710367@anu.edu.au
Mr Mazen Al Ismail PhD Candidate Human-Centred Computing mazen82@gmail.com
+61 2 612 53890
Omar Al-Ghattas u5027267@anu.edu.au
Mr Daniel Alarcon PhD Student Logic daniel.alarcon@anu.edu.au
+61 2 6125 1771
Mr Yibeltal Alem PhD Student Communications yibeltal.alem@anu.edu.au
+61 2 612 51764
Matthew Alger PhD Student, Tutor Machine Learning matthew.alger@anu.edu.au
Mr Sadegh Aliakbarian PhD Student Computer Vision, Machine Learning u5705595@anu.edu.au
, mohammadsadegh.aliakbarian@data61.csiro.au
Mr Tony Allard PhD Planning and Optimisation tony.allard@dsto.defence.gov.au
Mr Tom Allen PhD Candidate Photovoltaics thomas.allen@anu.edu.au
Professor Guillaume Allibert Visiting Academic Robotics u5518319@anu.edu.au
Awadh Althwab PhD Student Databases u6443129@anu.edu.au
Dr Jose M. Alvarez Honorary Lecturer (Level B) Computer Vision jose.alvarez@anu.edu.au
Mr Ashkan Amirsadri PhD Student Computer Vision ashkan.amirsadri@anu.edu.au
+61 2 6267 6233
Mr Peter Anderson PhD student Machine Learning peter.anderson@anu.edu.au
+61 2 612 58667
Professor Brian Anderson Emeritus Professor Networked Systems brian.anderson@anu.edu.au
Mr Saeed Anwar PhD Student Computer Vision saeed.anwar@anu.edu.au
Dr Deborah Apthorp Fellow Human-Centred Computing deborah.apthorp@anu.edu.au
Mr Stephane Armand Research Officer Technical Services Stephane.Armand@anu.edu.au
Mr Johan Arnberg Manager, International Marketing and Partnerships Marketing johan.arnberg@anu.edu.au
+61 2 612 56512
Mr Deepu Ashok PhD Candidate u6454122@anu.edu.au
Dr Charles-Alexis Asselineau Research Fellow Solar Thermal charles-alexis.asselineau@anu.edu.au
Mr Muhammad Atif Alumni High Performance Computing muhammad.atif@anu.edu.au
Ahmad Attarha u6540773@anu.edu.au
Alexander Roger Audouy Campus Visitor Photovoltaics u1050640@anu.edu.au
, alexander.audouy@epfl.ch
Ms Richa Awasthy PhD Student Software Engineering u5242932@uds.anu.edu.au
+61 2 612 59662
Dr Cathy Ayres Senior HDR Coordinator Student Services catherine.ayres@anu.edu.au
+61 2 6125 8188, research.cecs@anu.edu.au
+61 2 6125 8188
Yinshuo Bai Honours Student Databases u5968211@anu.edu.au
Mr Shi Bai Alumni Algorithms shi.bai@anu.edu.au
Dr Clem Baker-Finch Honorary Senior Lecturer Human-Centred Computing clem.baker-finch@anu.edu.au
+61 2 612 53786
Mr Debdeep Banerjee Alumni Planning and Optimisation debdeep.banerjee@cecs.anu.edu.au
Mr Moses Bangura PhD Student Robotics moses.bangura@anu.edu.au
Mr Claudio Barberato MPhil Student High Performance Computing claudio.barberato@anu.edu.au
Assoc Professor Nick Barnes Senior Lecturer Computer Vision u4591576@anu.edu.au
Ms Aditi Barthwal Alumni Machine Learning aditi.barthwal@cecs.anu.edu.au
Dr Chog Barugkin Research Fellow Photovoltaics, Optical Devices chog.barugkin@anu.edu.au
+61 2 612 50080
Mr Rabin Basnet PhD student Photovoltaics Rabin.Basnet@anu.edu.au
Dr Alice Bates Research Fellow Signal Processing alice.bates@anu.edu.au
Dr Peter Baumgartner Honorary Assoc Prof Logic Peter.Baumgartner@data61.csiro.au
+61 2 6267 6217
Mr Joshua Bax Alumni Logic u4983019@anu.edu.au
+61 2 6267 6295


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