An entrepreneurial path from academic innovation to commercial products

This presentation will include a history of taking a process from an academic laboratory curiosity to the cusp of commercial processing – entirely during major global economic downturns. The role of intellectual property, government funding, university technology transfer, industrial support, and the perseverance and sacrifices of the scientists and engineers involved to succeed will all be discussed.

Seminar: Achin Jain

Bridging Machine Learning and Controls for Volatile Energy Markets

Haoyang Zhang: Learning to Generate and Refine Object Proposals

Object proposal generation has become a vital step in many vision tasks, like object detection and object instance segmentation. While great progress has been made in this area, there still are several serious limitations in the prior methods. First, most object proposal approaches focus on 2D images and are unable to make use of multi-modal cues. Second, generating accurate object segment proposals is still an extremely challenging task.

ACT GOV Business Intelligence - part-time position available

ACT Revenue Office are seeking to employ an intern on a part time basis to work with our Business Intelligence Team.

Business Intelligence Intern, Compliance – ACT Revenue Office

Macquarie Telecom - Graduate Employment Opportunity

Macquarie Telecom Sydney is offering a graduate employment opportunity:


·         A 2 year fixed term contract to work within the Hosting Management Centre with the ability to extend the contract for a further 12 months.

·         A formal on-boarding and ongoing certification program that will see you equipped with the required skills and certifications to progress your career after 2-3 years in this role. This will be broken down as follows:



ANU Workshop on Systems and Control

This workshop aims to bring together these active researchers to showcase their latest achievements of techniques, designs and applications, as well as new directions in the field of systems and control..

 A list of speakers include:

  • Brian D. O. Anderson (ANU)

  • A. Stephen Morse (Yale University)

CECS expansion presentation by Prof Elanor Huntington

ANU Professor Elanor Huntington, Dean of the College of Engineering and Computer Science (CECS), is leading a project to reimagine a new type of engineering and computing, one that is custom built and fit for the middle of the 21st century.

This project aims to get us thinking about what our world will be like in 2050, when we are completely embedded in both a digital and physical environment, and to encourage us to take charge and shape a new intellectual agenda.

And this needs to happen now!

Wei Zhou: 2D+3D Indoor Scene Understanding from a Single Monocular Image

Indoor scene understanding is a broad field, which gains great interests in recent years.  Existing methods in this field typically make use of depth sensors,  such as Kinect and LiDAR,  which are, however, not always available, or cheap to acquire.  In our works, we aim to exploit indoor scene understanding in a general case, where only a monocular color image of the scene is available.  To the end,  we developed a model that reasons local detailed depth by leveraging scene geometrical structures on multiple scales.  With depth estimations, we were able to generate 3D object box proposals


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