PhD Oral Presentation: Development of high efficiency four-terminal perovskite-silicon tandems

Perovskite-silicon tandem offers several appealing advantages over other PV technologies. Firstly, the efficiency can potentially achieve more than 30%, which is much higher than the current record silicon cell efficiency of 26.6%. Secondly, perovskite materials possess suitable bandgaps as the top cell and versatile deposition processes on various types of substrates. Thirdly, this approach provides an extension of current silicon cell manufacturing processes and infrastructures. As a result, perovskite-silicon tandem has been one of the most popular research directions in different laboratories in the world. Besides, several companies such as Oxford PV and Iris PV are working on the commercialization of this tandem technology.

The talk will focus on the development of four-terminal mechanical stack perovskite-silicon tandem systems with the efficiency over 26%, which is the highest efficiency reported to date for this tandem technology. Besides, the filterless spectrum splitting tandem system will be presented. Finally, the study on the light stability of perovskite solar cells by cathodoluminescence and photoluminescence will unravel several interesting phenomena in this class of material.


Date & time

4.10–5pm 6 Jul 2017


Room:Seminar Room

Internal speakers

Dr The Duong


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