HDR completion seminar

HDR completion seminar

Title: Failure analysis of a woven glass fibre reinforced thermoplastic composite


Nowadays, the fibre reinforced composites are widely used in various industries. Among these composite materials, the composites based on thermoplastic matrix are increasing rapidly with a predicted global market of approximately $16.4 billion by 2021. To effectively use the thermoplastic composites, it is crucial to understand their failure behaviour for the safe operation of products made by using these materials. This work focuses on the fibre dominated failure of the woven thermoplastic fibre-reinforced composite.

In this work, a range of experiments are carried out to obtain the failure of a Glass Fibre Reinforced Polypropylene (GFRP) composite. During the experiments, a three-dimensional Digital Image Correlation (DIC) system is used to capture the deformation of the specimens during the entire process of the tests. An algorithm to obtain fibre strain during the experiments is implemented both in the DIC system and Finite Element Analysis (FEA) simulation. From the strain information provided by the DIC system, failure envelopes based on the principal strains and fibre strain are developed. These failure envelopes are then implemented in the FEA simulation. From the failure examinations of the specimens and the predictions provided by both failure envelopes in the simulation, it is found that fibre strain theory works better for the GFRP composite studied than the failure theory based on the principal strains. The fibre strain theory is also found to be independent of deformation mode, which eliminates the path dependency effect.

Date & time

3–4pm 21 Nov 2017


Room:Design Teaching Room (107)

Internal speakers

Ms Jiaai Liang

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