CECS Course Representatives

CECS course rep

Each semester, CECS puts a call out for Course Representatives for all Engineering and Computer Science courses.  Students can nominate themselves for one or more of the courses that they are enrolled in.

What does a Course Representative do?

The primary responsibility of a Course Representative is to collect feedback about the course – the good, the bad and the ugly - from your classmates and to present this information to the Course Convenor or Student Services/or Associate Director (Education). You will also be responsible for disseminating information relating to this course back to your classmates from meetings throughout the semester.

If there are multiple classes within your course (particularly for the larger courses), you are expected to make yourself known within each class (including introducing yourself to the tutors).


Benefits of being a Course Representative

Some benefits are:

  • The opportunity to develop skills sought by employers – particularly interpersonal, dispute resolution, leadership and communication skills.
  • Empowerment: Play a more active role in determining the direction of your education. Become more aware of issues influencing your University and current issues in higher education.
  • The chance to make a real difference to the lives of students at ANU.
  • Recognition of your work as a Course Representative with a certificate that can be appended to your CV


Roles and Responsibilities

Act as the official liaison between your classmates and your lecturers in communicating feedback about the course and providing course-related updates to your classmates

  • Establish a regular catch-up with your lecturer so you can provide and receive feedback on issues raised.
  • Escalate issues to CECS Student Services – where you deem it necessary

Provide a brief report of your course at Course Representative Meetings held throughout the semester.

Be creative and proactive in gathering feedback from your class mates about the course.  Keep the following in mind:

  • Confidentiality of your class mates’ personal information
  • Hearsay and Conjecture – you may have to do your own investigating to determine whether or not a claim is true
  • Objectivity – ensure your reports are factual and useful


What happens with feedback collected?

Course representatives provide an opportunity for students and the Research Schools to discuss issues in real time, as they arise during the semester.  Changes can often be accommodated at the time, to improve how the course is running and student's experience of a course.  This feedback plays an important role in shaping how courses are running and will run.



Please contact CECS Student Services at studentexp.cecs@anu.edu.au if you are interested in becoming a Course Representative.


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