Meet CECS Student Services

Appointments and Drop-Ins

All current ANU College of Engineering and Computer Science (CECS) students, can email for assistance. Please note, Student Services often experience very high volumes of email equiries at beginning of semester and other busy times. As an alternative to email, you can connect with CECS staff via online Virtual Front Counter (VFC) sessions. See details below.

For online assistance, drop in to one of our Virtual Front Counter (VFC) sessions

CECS Student Services is located at Level 2, CSIT Building, 108, North Rd.

Our virtual front counter consultations are generally 5-10 minutes long. However, we do recognise that in some circumstances (e.g. complex or sensitive enquiries, complaints, study-plan/degree checking, etc.) a longer consultation may be required.

If you have a complicated question that you'd like to discuss with one of our advisers, please book an appointment at: Our consultations are currently via ANU Zoom. You will receive a Zoom invitation via email once you have booked an appointment. If you prefer to have an in-person appointment, you can let us know.


Coursework students services

The Student Services, Employability and Experience Team is your one-stop shop for all student-related matters. Our office provides support throughout the life of your degree, including:

  • enrolments and course advice
  • student consultations and drop-in sessions
  • student mobility (e.g. exchange, study abroad, short study tours and cross-instiutional study)
  • employability (internships, work experience and employment opportunities)
  • academic progress
  • and student support and pastoral care. 
  • Drop-ins and consultations
  • Project courses


Team: Alannah, Anh, Saskia and Russell

Research students services

The Higher Degree Research (HDR) team provides administrative advice and support, as well as general pastoral care to students undertaking a Research degree in CECS. The team's key responsibilities fall into six broad categories:

  • HDR Admissions
  • HDR Scholarships
  • HDR Candidature Administration
  • HDR Examinations
  • HDR Welfare and Support
  • and Supervisory Panel support. 

Team: Anh, Tony, Tim, Kathryn and Russell



Academic staff services

The Academic Education Services team provides our academic colleagues with expert guideance and support in the administration of CECS coursework progams and courses. Our portfolio includes (but is not limited to):

  • governance/curriculum management
  • student misconduct/ and appeals
  • admissions
  • scholarships
  • course scheduling and timetabling
  • examinations and course result processing. 

Team: Dartha, Nimali, Jane, Sandra


Zoom etiquette

Please treat your Zoom Consultation in the same manner you would a face-to-face consultation. If possible please find a distraction-free, quiet environment. Most devices have a web camera, so please turn the video on. The Zoom Web Portal has a function to change your background image, so this may alleviate any privacy concerns you have

What do I need?

  • As mentioned - a computer or phone with a camera, microphone and reliable internet connection. (Remember to treat this online consultation as you would a face-to-face meeting) 

  • A quiet space for the duration of your meeting 

  • Professionalism: have your questions ready so you can make the most of your time with us. Research your options beforehand and seek clarification where needed. Be courteous.

  • Realistic expectations - if there are lots of students seeking advice in our waiting room, you may need to wait a few minutes until one of our team will be available to take your call.

  • Extensive queries - We are happy to talk to you for as long it you need us, but there are limits (and there may be other students in the waiting room). Another example is if you have a study plan you want to discuss. Zoom has a function to 'share your screen' so having a study plan prepared in a Word or Excel document on your device will help us to advise you accurately. To our best ability, we will talk you through it – but if there is anything that requires further investigation or clarification, we may need to take down your details and get back to you at an appropriate time.

Your cooperation and consideration for your fellow students and the CECS Student Services team provides a fair system for everyone.   

Thank you in advance! We appreciate this is a new environment and we are all adapting in the best way that we can.


Program and Program Convener 

Below are the details of the current CECS Program Conveners



Convener name

Convener contact

Bachelor of Engineering (Hons)

Sean Zhou

Bachelor of Engineering (Research and Development) (Honours)

Daniel McDonald

Bachelor of Advanced Computing (Honours)

Peter Hoefner

Bachelor of Advanced Computing (Research and Development) (Honours)

Peter Hoefner

Bachelor of Applied Data Analytics

Kerry Taylor

Bachelor of Applied Data Analytics (Honours)

Kerry Taylor

Bachelor of Information Technology

Nick Barnes


Bachelor of Information Technology (Honours)

Nick Barnes

Graduate Certificate of Applied Data Analytics

Jess Moore


Graduate Certificate of Data Engineering

Jess Moore

Graduate Diploma of Applied Data Analytics

Jess Moore

Graduate Diploma of Computing

Priscilla Kan John


Graduate Diploma  of Applied Cybernetics

Katherine Daniell


Master of Applied Data Analytics

Jess Moore


Master of Computing

Priscilla Kan Johns


Master of Computing (Advanced)

Priscilla Kan Johns


Master of Applied Cybernetics

Katherine Daniell


Master of Applied Cybernetics (Advanced)

Katherine Daniell


Master of Engineering in Electrical Engineering

Yuerui (Larry) Lu


Master of Engineering in Mechatronics

Yuerui (Larry) Lu

Master of Engineering in Photonics

Yuerui (Larry) Lu

Master of Engineering in Renewable Energy

Yuerui (Larry) Lu

Master of Machine Learning and Computer Vision

Miaomiao Liu
Steve Gould



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