Computing Internship - ML Research Labs (Project 1)

This position is offered through the ANU Computing Internship


ML Research Labs performs leading research and applications in deep learning.

There are 3 internship projects on offer with ML Research Labs

Project 1: (ML Labs Class of 2022 Challenge 1) Sentiment Analysis via Text

Challenge Objective: We focus on the text-based Emotion Detection. This model can be pipelined with our ASR model for detecting the Emotions of a person. By doing this task, we’d like to explore the SOTA language model on a sentence classification. The model can be BERT, ALBERT, RoBERTa or other new models.

Introduction of text-based Emotion Detection( This is a review paper that was published in 2020. It gives a list of publicly available dataset at chapter 2.3.

A few interesting dataset:

1,(sentences) WASSA-2017 Emotion Intensities(EmoInt): constructed from tweets and annotated for 4 labels(joy, sadness, fear, anger).

2,(small conversation) DailyDialog: Contains 13118 Dialogues extracted from conversations and annotated for happiness, sadness, anger, disgust, fear, surprise, and others.

3, (sentences) Dens Dataset: Data contains 9710 passages extracted from online narratives on wattpad and literature on project Gutenberg and classified into joy, sadness, anger, fear, anticipation, surprise, love, disgust, neutral.

4, (small conversation)Emotion Lines: Obtained from dialogue in Friends TV Show and Facebook messenger chats.

Paper: BERT can be a good baseline, feel free to try other Transformer-based models(hugging face is highly recommended).

Required/preferred technical skills or experience in software languages, environments, platforms.

Python, Tensorflow, Pytorch, Linux, Git

Required professional skills

  • Able to brainstorm and learn in both group and individual setting
  • Clarity in technical communication

Delivery Mode

In-person only. 

Student location

Student must be located in Canberra only.

Other requirements

The Intern will be required to get a Police Check. 


All students are encouraged to apply, but priority is given to citizens and permanent residents.

How to apply

Applications are invited from eligible students to apply for the Computing Internship courses COMP3280 or COMP8830. Eligibility details and further information about the Computing Internship can be found on the Computing Internship page

1. Students must first seek confirmation of eligibility by submitting an Eligibility and Room Available in degree check.  

2. Eligible students can then apply through the Computing Internship application form. You can nominate multiple preferred Internship placements through the one application form. 

3. Your application will require you to upload the following documents:

  • an updated copy of your Resume, and
  • an Expression of Interest (limit 350 words) for each organisation you wish to apply to (for organisations with multiple projects only submit one Expression of Interest but state clearly which project/s you wish to be considered for).

Applications open on 29 October and close on 7 November 2021.


Application closing date

7 November 2021
Applications open for this opportunity: 
15 Sep 2021
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