Damien Beard

Bachelor of Software Engineering (Hons) '14

Damien Beard

"ANU gave me the foundation I needed to start an exciting career in one of the world's fastest moving industries. A theoretical understanding of computer science, mixed with the practical aspects of software engineering, gave me the core skills needed to take on the challenges of being a Software Engineer. The education I received at ANU taught me how to be an effective problem solver, how to adapt to change quickly, and how to create systems that can impact people's lives in a meaningful way, all of which gave me the toolset I needed to start an exciting career in Silicon Valley."

Damien studied a Bachelor of Software Engineering with honours and is now working as a Full Stack Engineer for Frankly Inc. in the U.S.

“My interest in computers started in high school when I would spend all night making Visual Basic applications and Flash Animation games. I’d have no problem spending a solid week on a problem, because I just enjoyed programming so much. Then when I started building applications for people, I realised that I could see myself doing this for a really long time."

"I'm finding that working in such a small company (~30 people) is providing the experiences I hoped it would in terms of being able to own the product. Every day I'm presented with design decisions, and despite my junior status, the team often trusts my calls. It's pretty cool (and daunting), and it's actually helped me be a little less 'rushed' with my decisions and be a little more thoughtful."

During his time at ANU, Damien was given the opportunity to speak at conferences, exposed to amazing job opportunities and also helped to set up programs for younger students, including TechLauncher.

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