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Research groups in CECS

Algorithms and Data

Techniques for efficient analysis of complex data.

Applied Signal Processing

Researching new technologies for better communication, health applications, and lifestyle.

Artificial Intelligence

The AI Group conducts research on machine learning, reasoning and planning. We study fundamental limits and principles of learning from data, relationships between machine learning problems, development of efficient algorithms for a range of machine learning tasks, connections between machine learning and computer vision, reasoning about spatial data, and automated planning and scheduling.

Centre for Sustainable Energy Systems

Solar energy technologies.

Computer Systems

Research at the boundary between hardware and software, including the design of better hardware and software to meet the performance and energy requirements of the future.

Computer Vision and Robotics

Studying the fundamental issues underlying machine vision algorithms and autonomy of robotic systems.

Data-Intensive Computing

The availability of massive amount of real-time data is revolutionizing scientific discovery, our understanding of human behavior and complex systems, decision making, and policy development. The Data-Intensive Computing group explores the mathematical and computational foundations underlying this revolution. It carries out multi-disciplinary research at the intersection of computing, the medical, physical, and social sciences, and engineering. It draws from multiple disciplines within computer science including computational game theory, computer vision, high-performance computing, machine learning, network science, and software systems. One of Its main goals is to understand, simulate, predict, and optimize the behavior of complex systems.

Information and Human Centred Computing

Research the interface between humans, data and computers: to build systems which extract humanly comprehensible patterns from data and systems which better understand people so they are more naturally responsive and interactive with us.

Logic & Computation

Logical reasoning is a fundamental aspect of our everyday lives and is a vital part of our intelligence. The core theme of the Logic and Computation Group is to discover, invent and implement practical automated or interactive reasoning techniques using logic, and to apply them to reason formally about the real world.

Materials and Manufacturing

Researching new materials, effective methods of engineering computation, production processes and the environments in which they operate.

Semiconductor and Solar Cells

Research into the basic science of materials used in semiconductor and photovoltaic solar cells.

Software Intensive Systems Engineering

Greatly increasing the productivity of people developing software.

Solar Thermal Group

High and low temperature solar-thermal technologies.

Systems and Control

Research in automatic control and systems theory includes fundamental and applied work in swarms and multiagent systems, complex and dynamical networks, and quantum control.

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